July 2018: Features and Enhancements

Here's the July 2018 release! Read our full release notes for July updates here.



Pages is still in beta while we continue to release enhancements.


NEW! We're excited to announce that Page responses for Surveys and RSVPs can now be sent back to Tessitura! This feature requires both v14 Tessitura and v3 WordFly Services. The integration must be enabled for an account by our team while Pages is in beta. Reach out if you want it enabled!


Note, when Pages is out of beta the WordFly-Tessitura Integration for Survey and RSVP Pages will automatically be enabled for all accounts running v3 WordFly services.


Page Results received a few helpful updates. We added a Results link to Pages list view so you can get to Results tab more quickly. Click on the name of your Page and select Results. Additionally, now when you go to the Results landing page, the download drawer opens briefly to make the Results CSV download more obvious. Thanks for this specific feedback from Sunny Mand at Arts Commons and others who asked where Results can be downloaded! Learn more


We added some helpful enhancements as well:

  • Fixed up issues that occurred when duplicating, reusing, and deleting surveys. Thank you to David Anderson at Kansas City Ballet and Patty Sanger at Dallas Zoo for reporting this to us!
  • Fixed issue where HTML code showed up in downloaded CSV.
  • Added default Document Title to all pages. This is the page title that displays in the browser tab when the Page is loaded.
  • Pages support FAQs are now separated into articles for easy searching!

Modern Editor

NEW Hosted Video option! Modern Editor's video block now includes an easy hosted video option for YouTube, Vimeo or another video-sharing website. YouTube videos have the additional enhancement of automatically pulling in the default image and alt text! Learn more


Also, by request, we updated the embed video option to include a separate Poster image where previously this was combined with the Fallback image. Now you can upload two separate images for Poster and Fallback. Special thanks to users Brittany Brouker and Nick Reilingh at Fisher Center for proposing the option! Learn more


Email specific updates:



In email campaigns we added shortcuts to powerful segment features like engagement, preferences, and CRM data. See how easy it is to segment by existing WordFly data:

You can now refresh segment counts and remove segments directly from the List Summary page. Learn more


Other email campaign updates:




Under Reporting > Export Data, for the Events by Account export we can now include a flag to indicate that an issue has been overrided for an address. Email us if you want this enabled for your account! Learn more about exporting Events by Account.

Thank you to Cait Read at Live Theatre for requesting this for the Events by Account export!


Account Custom Pages

In the Unsubscribe/Update Preferences custom pages we added the option to unmask the email address that appears on this page. Email us if you want this enabled for your account! Learn more about setting up your unsubscribe page.


Thank you to Richard Anderson at Metropolitan Opera for requesting this for their custom unsubscribe page!


Tessitura Integration

NEW! The WordFly-Tessitura Integration for Survey and RSVP Pages is here! Read about this update in the Pages highlights above. Organizations interested in using the Pages CRM Integration must request the feature while Pages is still in beta.


We also continued improvements and bug fixes for WordFly-Tessitura v3 services integration.


Site UI Updates

  • Classic Editor (our legacy email builder) is heading out! We've taken the first steps toward sunsetting Classic Editor by removing related links in the main Emails dropdown. Now Background Themes and Content Themes can only be accessed from inside the Classic Editor. Go to an existing Classic Editor email design (v2.0) or Account > Custom Page to edit your themes.
  • Enhanced search! Search for phrases instead of individual words, so you can find items with a specific name more easily. Go to any main section list page (example, Email > Email Campaigns), and use the Search field to search for specific names.



  • Optimized dashboard for faster loading
  • Optimized campaigns list view throughout site for faster loading and better performance
  • Ongoing performance and stability improvements

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