WordFly-Tessitura Integration v3 services

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The WordFly-Tessitura Integration v3 services is available to all Tessitura-integrated customers.



The v3 services benefits

  • The v3 integration is a set of RESTful web services.
  • Improves overall integration security by running all server-to-server communication over HTTPS.
  • Eliminates the overhead and maintenance burden from the use of X509 Certificates on gateway servers.
  • Improves imports by using a polling service instead of keeping an open connection while streaming data from client servers to WordFly.
  • Facilitates the release of new features, revisions, and upgrades. For example, WordFly’s Pages feature can send RSVP and Survey responses back to Tessitura.



Install the v3 services

The v3 services installation package is available in your Account > Tessitura section. You will see your current services link in this section. Below the service endpoint section, click the link Check for WordFly-Tessitura Services Updates. This will update to show what version of the services your organization's WordFly-Tessitura Integration is currently running.


A note about hosting. If you are managing your own Tessitura server then your organization will continue following the instructions in this guide to upgrade the v3 services. If you are hosting with RAMP, please open a TASK ticket with RAMP to complete the v3 services upgrade.


In WordFly, go to Account > Tessitura, click Check for WordFly-Tessitura Services Updates. This will return your current services version. Note: If no version returns your integration may currently be broken. Email support to request the installation files.


The blue dropdown at the top of the application will provide the necessary installation files or confirm your services are up to date.


How to proceed after checking services version:


...If the service check returns v2.0x

  • Download the v3 services package from the in-app dropdown notifier.
  • Follow the pdf instructions included in the package.
  • Email support with the requested information when you’re finished with the upgrade.


...If the service check returns v3.0x

  • Check the in-app dropdown notifier for next steps.
  • You may need to upgrade your services to the most up-to-date services version.
  • If you need to upgrade, download the latest services package from the dropdown notifier.
  • Follow the provided instructions in the package and complete the upgrade.
  • In WordFly, go to Account > Tessitura. Test the endpoint to confirm it is passing. Then click the link Check for WordFly-Tessitura Services Updates to confirm you are on the latest version.


The most recent v3 services package is:



Check culture settings

Non-US integrated customers may notice that lists start returning in an unexpected order. There is a culture setting change in IIS to make to ensure your dates and times are processed correctly. As an interim solution  before the change is made, you can order by List ID to find the latest list.


The culture setting for the WordFly application needs to be updated on the IIS server hosting WordFly. This is done by setting the culture in the .NET Globalization settings in IIS. The change only applies to the site or virtual application where it is made (in this case, the WordFly services).


1. In IIS Manager, open the .NET Globalization settings for the WordFly services site or virtual application.


2. Change the Culture to match the value used in Sql Server and the Apply:



Check static content feature

In order for the WordFly services to be able to download files for list manager and extractions the IIS server where WordFly is installed needs to have static content enabled.

1. Open Server Manager and click Manage > Add Roles and Features. Click Next.

2. Under Installation, select Role-based or feature-based installation. Click Next.

3. Under Server Selection, select the appropriate server where WordFly services are installed. The local server is selected by default. Click Next.

4. Under Server Roles, under Web Server (IIS) > Common HTTP features, enable Static Content.




FAQ about the v3 services and upgrade


Are the v3 services required for v14 or v15 Tessitura?

There are some v14/v15 Tessitura server configurations that cause the v2 services to stop working. The v3 services are required in these cases.

Are the v3 services compatible with all versions of Tessitura?

Yes! The v3 services are compatible with any version of Tessitura. It is highly recommended to upgrade to the new services before the v14/v15 Tessitura upgrades.

Will the v3 services make imports faster?

No. There is nothing in the v3 services to speed the import process up. The new services do make the import process more reliable.


Will I need to remove my old v2 integration?

No. The v3 services are a standalone product which has no dependencies on the old integration. You will be able to keep your old v2 services until it is officially retired April 2019.

Here are your options:

  • You can delete/remove the v2 services upon installing v3 services. This is the most drastic approach and doesn't allow for a fall-back.
  • You can leave the v2 services in place during the v3 upgrade and then remove the services once v3 is confirmed.
  • The most cautious approach is to leave v2 services in place and stop the services once the switch to v3 services is complete. At a later time the v2 services can be removed.

Is the old v2 integration eventually going to go away?

Yes! The v2 integration services will no longer be available after March 31, 2019.

We host with RAMP - how do we do the upgrade?

RAMP will do the v3 services upgrade if you are hosting with them. Open a TASK ticket with RAMP and let them know you are ready for the v3 services.

Will there be any downtime with the v3 services upgrade?

There shouldn't be any downtime if you are performing the v3 services on your server following our instructions. However, RAMP hosted customers may have some downtime and should confirm this with RAMP.

Will the v3 services require any new user training?

No. The v3 services only changes the underlying framework for the WordFly-Tessitura Integration. Creating and importing lists is still the same, as is sending event data back to Tessitura.

You may use this time to try out WordFly's Pages feature and the Pages Tessitura Integration.