May 2018: Features and Enhancements

Here's the May 2018 release! Read our full release notes for May updates here.



GDPR compliance is top of mind for marketers around the world. The law has strict data protection regulations around personal data for individuals residing in the EU. Under the law, a subscriber has the right to be forgotten. Our team created a couple new features to address GDPR compliance.


New! We added a Forget this Subscriber button to the Subscriber Profile page which addresses the Right to Be Forgotten. This button will permanently delete all data associated with a subscriber. Learn more

New! Tessitura integrated organizations now have the option to set up Contact Permissions as a Preference type under Account > Preferences. This allows for a more granular level of opt-in and works with our existing preferences integration. Requires additional setup in Tessitura. Learn more



Pages is still in beta as we continue to release enhancements.


New! Dropdown form blocks now have the option of placeholder text. Special thanks to Katie Hey at Guthrie Theater for sending in this suggestion!


We added some other helpful enhancements. Form blocks in published pages that already have answers collected can be deleted as needed now; however, make sure you have collected your answers because deleting the form block will delete results tied to it. You can also sync page updates when you have the maximum number published. Also, in Results, any line break formatting in text areas is preserved.


There were also a few bug fixes along the way:

  • Fixed duplicating bug with form blocks inside containers that prevented saving.
  • Fixed issue where published pages were not showing the green security lock icon.
  • Fixed issue where text inside multi-column blocks didn't display in IE11. Create a new page to take advantage of this fix.


Modern Editor

We added a few updates in Modern Editor:


New! Have you ever needed to remind yourself how to add a simple mailto (email) link? We've added a handy feature in Modern Editor that helps you easily add an email mailto link into your email design or page design. The feature even helps you include a subject line and body text. Learn more

Update! We are now prohibiting scripts and iframes from being added to emails and pages. Learn more




Several updates were made in Reporting. We fixed an issue where the campaign detail page timed out and did not load any results. We fixed another issue where Heat Maps didn't load when links contained double quotes (Tony Currie at Scottish Ballet - Thanks for the bug report!).


We also fixed an issue with sent campaigns creating an archive url. Archive URLs are a link of your email design after your campaign sends. This link is also included in metric exports (Reporting > Export Data). Thank you to Jena Leibowitz at American Museum of Natural History for letting us know about this.


We also sorted an issue preventing the Reporting apps for iPhone and Android to load campaign results. Thanks to Nick Reilingh at Fisher Center for the Performing Arts for reporting this!


Lastly, we disabled Facebook sharing for sent email campaigns due to ongoing security changes. Learn more



A few updates to the Tessitura integration were rolled out. For starters, the WordFly custom screen font sizes were adjusted to help with rendering consistency across certain platforms and devices. Learn more


In March 2018 we released our new v3 services for the WordFly-Tessitura Integration. We continue to work on improvements to the services. The new services are required for the v14 Tessitura upgrade and for sending Page response data back to the database. Reach out to WordFly support if you are ready to upgrade.



On April 19, 2018, we announced a change to our email tracking domain. We are now using WordFly’s custom tracking URL feature to automatically rewrite the default domain of all tracked links when new email campaigns are sent. If your account is currently configured with your own custom tracking url, WordFly will continue to use it for your links. Learn more


Site UI Updates

Freshened up the design here and there - enjoy!



  • Dashboard: Made adjustments to improve page load time
  • Ongoing stability improvements





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