How to share email on social

Share your sent email on Facebook and Twitter. WordFly even tracks Facebook likes and shares, and Twitter retweets in Reporting.

Topics covered in this article:

Posting your email through the social integrations

Adding social sharing links to your email



Posting your email through the social integrations


Once an email campaign is sent, click on the Share tab of campaign and share the email on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Users with social sharing permissions will be able to share an email on social pages.



  • The Facebook sharing option is disabled for the time being due to ongoing security changes to Facebook's integration. 
  • We're investigating reports of the Twitter integration not connecting in some accounts.


1. Open your sent email campaign

Go to Emails > Email Campaigns, and click on the name of your sent campaign to open it


2. Click on the Share tab of the Campaign



3. Follow the steps on-screen to post on your social pages


Example of Twitter post



Example of Facebook post





Adding social sharing links to your email


It is possible to add unique links inside your email to allow subscribers to share their unique email on Facebook in Twitter.


Proceed with caution! This method shares the unique subscriber email on social sites which exposes all the links for anyone to click, including the unsubscribe link.


To add this functionality to your emails you will need to do two things:


1. Add the unique links to your email template for 'share this email on Facebook' and 'share this email on Twitter'. Links are copied below.


Share this email on Facebook


Share this email on Twitter[insert your organization's twitter account here]


2. Add meta tags to your email template code. This will ensure the correct details of the email are shared.


Facebook selects an image based on the meta tags available in the HTML being sent through the sharer URL. Our email code does not contain any meta tags in the HTML source. The tags need to sit in the 'head' tag of the HTML. In WordFly's Modern Editor email template builder, just click on the HTML tab in the lower left corner of your template to access your template code.


The code you want to add to your email in the main <head> tag is this:


<!-- For sharing on FB -->
<meta property="og:title" content="[Enter the subject line of your email for this]">
<meta property="og:image" content="[Enter the full image url you would like to display on Facebook, example]">



Example of the email shared by the subscriber on their Facebook page...


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