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Pages pricing plans

There are three pricing plans available: Basic, Plus, and Pro. Each one has an option of Annual or Monthly billing. All plans include all features. The difference between plans is the number of page sets you can publish at any one time. Page sets include all elements of an RSVP, Survey, or Landing page. Select the plan that best suits your budget and page set needs. A pricing plan must be selected to publish pages.

Annual Plan

Billed yearly. You will save about 10% by selecting the annual plan. If you choose to cancel before the year is up, you will not be refunded. If you pay annually and then upgrade your plan, you will be credited for months you did not use. You will be charged for one year of the new plan.

Monthly Plan 

Billed monthly. Upgrading takes effect immediately. Downgrading takes effect the next month. You might need to unpublish pages in order to downgrade.


Additional details about Pages pricing


Publishing Pages

To have full access to all surveys, RSVPs, and landing pages features, you’ll need to select a pricing plan. If you don’t choose a plan, you can still try out Pages, but you cannot publish to the web or receive results.


Pages Trial

Selecting a plan will initiate a short trial period. You’ll have 15 days—or until the end of the month, whichever comes sooner—where you can give Pages a full trial run. You are responsible for cancelling the plan before the trial period ends to avoid charges.



We do not offer refunds or pro-rate months. Once you purchase a monthly or annual plan, you will be charged until it expires or you cancel your subscription.


Plan Renewals and Renewal Date

All plans effectively start on the first day of the month they were selected (i.e., if you choose a plan on March 12th, your plan still begins March 1st). Monthly plans renew every month. Yearly plans renew every 12 months. All plans renew automatically unless cancelled. Cancelling a plan will not take effect until the yearly or monthly renewal date has passed. All plans automatically renew unless you cancel. If you have pre-paid for an annual plan, you will retain access to your Pages account until the renewal date. We do not refund or pro-rate payments.



You may cancel your plan at any time. Please keep in mind that we do not offer refunds or pro-rate payments for monthly or annual accounts. If you have paid for a monthly or annual plan, your pages will remain published and you will retain access to your account until the renewal date expires. 



Upgrading and downgrading Pages plans

We do not refund or pro-rate. If you pre-pay for an annual plan, you will receive all the features and benefits of that plan until the renewal date. After the renewal date expires, you’ll be downgraded.


Published Page Count

If the page count exceeds the number of pages allowed on the downgrade plan, you will not be able to downgrade. Before you select a lower plan, you will need to select pages and unpublish them.


Upgrading a Monthly Plan

When you upgrade your plan, it takes effect immediately, including the payment plan. You will immediately have access to publish more pages. You will be billed for the higher rate plan for that month regardless of when you upgrade you plan. For example, if you upgrade to a higher plan on March 26th, you’ll be billed the higher rate on the March invoice.


Upgrading an Annual Plan

A credit is applied for any unused months and the new plan is prorated for the remainder of the original 12-month period. So the amount charged will be the difference in the monthly rate for the number of months remaining. The invoice will reflect the prorated change minus the amount already paid. When the plan renews at the end of the original 12-month period, the full amount will be charged for the next year.


Downgrading a Monthly Plan

Moving to a lower plan takes effect the following month. You'll have all the features and benefits of your current plan until the monthly renewal date (end of the month), then you'll be moved to the lower plan.


Downgrading an Annual Plan

Your plan will downgrade at the end of the renewal date for the year you’ve pre-paid. Once the renewal date has expired, you will be moved to the lower plan.


Pending Plans

Downgrading your plan will put your pricing plan in “pending” status. Meaning, it is set to change in the future (either next month or next annual renewal). The "pending" status is displayed in your account in the pricing plan page. Once you have changed plans, you cannot select another plan until you cancel the existing plan. 


Changing from an Annual to a Monthly Plan

Once you have purchased an annual plan, you cannot move to a monthly plan until the annual plan expires. You may upgrade your annual plan but you cannot switch to a monthly plan.



Select a Pages pricing plan

Go to Account > Pages Pricing Plan to select the Pages plan and billing option for your account. A pricing plan must be selected to publish pages. Be sure to also assign a Billing contact in your account if this hasn't been done yet.


To select a Pages pricing plan for your account:


1. Go to Account


2. Select Pages Pricing Plan


3. Select a Pricing Plan for your account by clicking Select