SMS Pricing and Billing

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How is SMS billed?

Where can I find SMS pricing information?




How is SMS billed?

SMS is billed on a per recipient basis. This is very similar to the email Pay Per Email plan. This means if you send an SMS campaign to 2,000 recipients, you will be billed for each recipient.


Here’s an example:

You send to 2,000 phone numbers for 1 SMS campaign.

You are billed $0.05 USD per recipient.

You will pay 2,000 x $0.05 per recipient = $100 USD




Where can I find SMS pricing information?

Find SMS pricing here. Select the SMS tab, then select your country from the dropdown to see the rates.






Are there any other fees for SMS services?

There is a one-time $250.00 setup fee payable once you are finished with the getting started steps. There are no annual fees. 


How will I pay for SMS services each month?

SMS service fees are not included in WordFly monthly invoices. Your SMS invoice will be emailed to you directly from with an attached PDF invoice.


In the first week of the month we will send an invoice email to the Billing contact(s) you’ve selected in the Account > Users section. The email will be coming from


Once you receive your invoice, there are three options for paying your account balance:

  • Mail a check payable to POP, Inc., the parent company of WordFly. Please include the invoice number on the check.
  • Wire transfer — Email us for wire information.
  • Credit card via PayPal — Email us to set up this option for your account. Each month your invoice email will include a link to pay with your credit card on the PayPal website.



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