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In the first week of the month, WordFly will send an invoice email to the billing contact(s) you’ve selected under Account > Users. The email will be coming from with the subject line 'Your Monthly WordFly Invoice'.


Your invoice

WordFly services include Email, SMS, Pages (RSVP, Surveys, and Landing pages) and Inbox Preview. Service fees will display on your monthly WordFly invoices as separate line items.



Once you receive your invoice, there are several options for paying your account balance:

  • Mail a check payable to POP, Inc., the parent company of WordFly. Mail to: 1326 5th Ave, Suite 550, Seattle, WA 98101 USA
  • Wire transfer — Email us for wire information
  • Credit card via PayPal (Monthly Invoice) — Email us to set up this option for your account. Each month your invoice email will include a link to pay with your credit card on the PayPal website. PayPal account is not required.
  • Credit card via PayPal (Automatic Billing) — To subscribe to monthly Automatic Billing, click the button below. PayPal account is not required. You will be notified if your monthly WordFly bill is more than the maximum amount you specify, otherwise your credit card will be charged automatically. Payments are administered by POP, Inc., the parent company of WordFly.

    Please enter the maximum amount you want to pay each month
    $   USD


Add a Billing contact

Be sure to add a Billing contact in your account under Account > Users. The Billing contact will receive monthly email notifications regarding availability of invoices in the Account > Invoices section of WordFly.


To set a Billing contact


1. Go to Account.

Find Account in the upper right corner of WordFly.


2. In the left-hand nav select Users.


3. Select a user from the users in your account or create a new user if the appropriate billing contact is not already a user.


4. Mark the user as a billing contact by checking the Billing contact box under their user account.



5. The user also must have access to the "Account" section in order to access invoices. Be sure to check this permission for the user.



6. Save the updates to the user’s account.

Any users marked as billing contacts will receive a text email notifying them of what to expect for billing each month.



Download monthly invoices

Any users with access to the Account section in WordFly can access the Account > Invoices section. Monthly email service fees will be outlined in each invoice, including additional service fees such as Inbox Preview.


Note: A monthly invoice notification email will be sent to Billing contacts in your account. This notification email will include all the details of the invoice as well.


To download monthly invoices in WordFly


1. Go to Account



2. Select Invoices


3. You can select an invoice from the invoices available, download a PDF of the invoice, and download the campaigns sent each month.