What’s new: June 2024

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Kelly Sutter
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This month you’ll find our all-new email design system with redesigned templates—including ready-to-go newsletter and letter designs—to help you build emails faster.


Design system for emails and pages



Use 80+ predesigned components to quickly create email and page designs

  • Choose from banners, story blocks, navigation elements, calls to action, and more

  • To open, click the Design System button on the Blocks tab

  • Use the dropdown to switch between the different types of components, then drop them into any email or page

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Redesigned starter emails


New easy-to-customize designs 

A fresh new look focused on our most requested customer designs. You can also now preview a full-size version of a custom or WordFly starter email before selecting one.

  • Starter A — A great base design for any email
  • Starter B — Blocks in this design directly touch the edge of the background
  • Starter C — Full-width bands of color span the design (formerly Starter E)
  • Starter D — Newsletter design containing a greatest hits of components
  • Starter E — Letter-style design for membership, thank you emails, and more

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Suppression lists for workflows


A suppression list can now be added to any type of workflow

  • Every time a workflow campaign sends, subscribers in the suppression list are excluded from the deployment
  • CRM activity workflows
    Suppression lists for CRM workflows can be configured to dynamically import subscribers from the CRM. Each time the workflow runs, subscribers are imported from the CRM into the suppression list based on the criteria defined in the CRM and will be excluded from any additional campaigns in the workflow.

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Editor updates

  • A new place to save custom starter emails
    We’ve moved the Save as starter email option to the Emails grid. It no longer appears inside the email editor.

  • Set styling options for spacers
    Added ability to set background-color for all spacers and all blocks. Spacer styling now appears in General Styles and on individual Spacer blocks.

  • Button rendering
    Added checkbox to prevent text wrapping on buttons
  • Content cleanup
    When pasting in content, we are now removing extraneous HTML attributes that can cause rendering issues
  • Global/mobile styles
    Fixed issue where Desktop text alignment was not preserved after setting the Mobile text alignment
  • Email saving
    Improved backend behavior where emails failed to save in a certain case


CRM integrations


  • List imports: Now displaying a detailed error message when a large number of duplicated rows occurs


  • Now only showing authenticated users in the Service User dropdown.
  • On Profile page, added option to clear out the Altru authorization and start over.
  • You can now import non-Altru lists when a Service User is not selected.


More improvements + fixes

  • Email campaign sending
    Optimized sending times for large lists
  • Email campaign segmentation
    Fixed issue where calendar selector did not use the account’s timezone
  • Export data
    Fixed issue where filters were incorrectly applied to grids in certain cases
  • Inbox preview
    Added 12 new previews, including Outlook 2021, Apple Mail 16, iPhone 16, and Gmail for Android
  • Pages
    New RSVP pages will show an updated toolbar for previewing blocks that display after a person clicks Yes or No