What’s new: March 2024

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Kelly Sutter
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Importing content from one email to another has been so useful, that we decided to add the feature to the pages editor, too!


Import content from another page



View two pages side-by-side, then pull form blocks and content from the left to the right

  • Easily switch between form and confirmation pages within a page set
  • Perfect for dragging banner designs between pages
  • The pages editor will copy over as many styles as it can



Better organization options for media


By request! Select multiple files to move at a time

There’s no need to drag files one at a time into Media folders anymore. Now you can select multiple files and use the new Move option in the Actions dropdown to get organized. We also polished up the design a bit and changed the Updated column to a standard date and time format.

Thank you to Lottie at The National Gallery for your feature request!



Dashboard access to the calendar


Review your sending cadence in a flash

Click directly to the campaigns calendar from the Dashboard. The calendar shows all scheduled, sending, sent, active, paused, and completed campaigns, including workflow emails. From the top of the calendar, you can easily click over to the list view, too.


Online payments

New payment site and Billing section updates

Account Owners can access our new payment system anytime to set up autopay, view transaction history, and download invoices. Inside WordFly, you’ll see some updates in the Billing section. The Invoices page is now Account Usage, where monthly info can be downloaded, including the campaigns sent each month.


Improvements + fixes

  • Email editor
    Added support for importing content into a blank starter email

  • RSVP
    Fixed issue where the number of total attendees was not correct in certain cases

  • Grid views
    The Delete option is now shown in red

  • Login
    Added two new background images, moved Remember Me checkboxes