What’s new: February 2024

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Kelly Sutter
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We have a whole new set of updates to make your email building more efficient, make logging in faster, and set you up for Google and Yahoo deliverability success.


Import content from another email


New for the email editor!

View two emails side-by-side and pull in content from the left to the right.

  • Click the Import icon, then select the email you want to import from. The selected email will open on the left side of the editor. Drag blocks from the left to add them to the right.
  • The editor will copy over as many styles as it can. You can even use the resize tool to import content from the mobile view of your email.


Remember this device for 30 days




Login > 2FA Verification Step

On your next login, you’ll see the option to remember your device for 30 days on the two-factor authentication screen— including on the Tessitura custom screen.

  • To give you time to tick the box, the 2FA login page no longer auto-advances when 7 digits are entered. You need to click the Sign In button, then you’ll be on your way.


Account > Security Settings


The remember devices feature is enabled for all accounts by default. The Account Owner can disable it for your organization, if needed.

  • You can also review which users have ticked the remember this device box and which have not
  • For security, we added a button to forget all remembered devices and a link to forget devices for one person


Your Profile > 2FA Settings

If you ever need to forget your own devices, first click on your name in the upper-right corner of WordFly to access your user profile. Then click 2FA Settings from the left navigation.

  • Click the Forget My Devices button


One-click List-Unsubscribe

gmail-header.png                    gmail-and-yahoo.png

One-click List-Unsubscribe elements are now automatically added to the header of all sent emails to comply with upcoming Google and Yahoo requirements

  • When the one-click Unsubscribe link is clicked, the click event will display as an opt-out in WordFly and sync with your CRM, just like any other unsubscribe
  • You still need to use the normal unsubscribe link provided by WordFly in the footer of your email


Improvements + fixes

  • Account > Billing
    Added an Overview page with info about upcoming payment process changes

  • Sent email campaigns
    Improved load times of sent campaign metrics. Resolved issue where links did not redirect when & and # appeared one after the other.

  • Archive URL
    Fixed issue where several non-standard characters did not render correctly

  • Pages
    Fixed issue where Comments did not load when there are a large amount of responses

  • Editors
    Fixed issue where images did not upload correctly when editing documents with ‘Account’ in name. Removed Up/Down text that appeared at the bottom of pages or emails in certain cases.

  • Labels
    Fixed issue where labels could not be removed in certain cases