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What is an unsubscribe?

What happens in WordFly when a subscriber unsubscribes


An unsubscribe (or opt-out) is an event from a subscriber asking to be removed from your mailing list. Learn more about unsubscribes in this article.



What is an unsubscribe?

An unsubscribe event is when a subscriber clicks on the unsubscribe link in your email. These events are also referred to as opt-outs.


Example of unsubscribe link in footer of email


Every bulk marketing email must include an unsubscribe link. This is the law in the United States (CAN-SPAM Act) and in Canada (CASL). You can read more about the requirements by visiting the sites for both laws.


The laws state that an unsubscribe request must be removed from a mailing list within 10 business days and a record should be kept of that unsubscribe for posterity.




What happens in WordFly when a subscriber unsubscribes

When a subscriber unsubscribes globally their address will be suppressed from future list imports and the current list that was used to mail the subscriber. The subscriber profile will still exist in WordFly but they will not receive additional emails unless the opt-out flag is removed from their record or if the opt-out is overridden for a particular list.


Unsubscribe events can be reviewed in several areas of WordFly:

  • Under Reporting > Campaign Reporting, select the Unsubscribes tab to view all addresses that unsubscribed.
  • Under Subscriber > Subscriber Search, look up an unsubscribed address and see their flagged Sending Status from their profile landing page.
  • Under Reporting > Export Data, you can export unsubscribe events for a campaign or for your entire account.
  • After importing a new list, review unsubscribes imported on the List Summary page under the Subscriber Import Issues section > Unsubscribes tab.




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