December 2016: Features and Enhancements

Here's the December 2016 release! Read our full release notes for December updates here.


Email Designs & Modern Editor


Gmail recently added support for responsive email designs (finally!). We're thrilled to announce that all new Modern Editor emails now transform to one-column in Gmail. Are you using an older Modern Editor email? Upgrade your email


We also updated the editor to automatically add 'px' to any container or font measurement units if this value isn't added by the user. This means less to think and type as you're setting up your margin, padding, font sizes and line heights!


We applied fixes and made enhancements in these areas of Modern Editor and the media library:

  • Image Editor: New brighter look for Image Editor
  • Preview Panel: Arrow no longer scrolls away when you are scrolled to the bottom of a long grouped block
  • Preview Panel: Fixed issue where email preview didn't scroll if browser was resized
  • Text blocks: Removed unwanted code added into text block HTML from copy and paste
  • Text blocks: Grey space no longer appears in Text block when there are only two lines of text separated by a soft return
  • Styles: We added code that improves font-size rendering of bulleted text in Outlook | Upgrade your email for this improvement
  • Media: Fixed issue where an image could not be previewed after it was renamed



Email Campaigns


Facebook updated what information is shared through our social integration. We updated the share on Facebook help image to reflect what is actually shared on Facebook. Learn more about sharing your email on Facebook.



SMS Campaigns


Our SMS feature now supports importing UK mobile numbers with 073xx area code! Learn more about SMS (available to UK, Australia and New Zealand customers)




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