October 2016: Features and Enhancements

Here's the October 2016 release! Read our full release notes for October updates here.


Email Campaigns


We are excited to announce the ability to add a Seed List to all email campaigns! This feature has been highly requested over the years. Initially this is a soft launch while we iron out the UI for allowing organizations to set up and apply the seed list on their own. In the meantime, reach out to support@wordfly.com if you would like to add a seed list. Learn more.


Special thanks to the following users who requested this feature and provided valuable feedback:

Christopher Bogár at Royal Danish Theatre
Ming Feron and Rosa Luna at American Museum of Natural History
Josh Salez at Audience Rewards
Richie Carpenter at Seattle Rep
Maura Scanlon at Yale Drama   
Joey Oliva at Center Theatre Group

We also fixed an issue where special characters in campaigns, links, and Google Analytics tag names caused tracking not to record correctly in Google Analytics, Queue-It or on websites. Now all special characters are URL encoded to help processing in other apps and across websites. In other words, you can keep using special characters in your campaign names!


Email Designs & Modern Editor

Last month we added a new insert special character feature to text blocks (open text block, click on Add > Character). This month we added stars, hearts, arrows, and musical notes to the character menu. We thought those characters would be appropriate for email and also for our many performing arts clients!


We also applied fixes and made other enhancements in these areas:

  • Text editor: Inline styles added in the content editor HTML window are no longer removed
  • Fixed issue where email wouldn't scroll inside editor in certain cases (Thank you Wigmore Hall for your report!)
  • Email rendering engine: Added support for DOCTYPE
  • HTML Editor: Tidied up HTML source view. When opened, only template code is visible now.
  • Microsoft Edge: Fixed issue where new blocks could not be added to emails





All data exports and reports are now saved as ZIP files to reduce download times. Try it out under Reporting. Just use Reporting > Export Data to run an export and download the file.


Tessitura CRM Integration

WordFly's Box Office Insight custom screen for Tessitura was updated with a few enhancements. We added pagination so users don't need to load a large amount of campaigns all at once. We also adjusted what template version was being displayed for triggered campaigns. Previously we were displaying the original template; but now the current email template the subscriber receives will load in the custom screen (much more accurate!). And, we adjusted special cases where a subscriber may have an email address and SMS number associated with the same Tessitura customer record - now these cases load correctly.




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