November 2016: Features and Enhancements

Here's the November 2016 release! Read our full release notes for November updates here.


Email Designs & Modern Editor


We spent some time testing emails in Apple's iOS10 and found some improvements with how our emails rendering image spacing. Thank you to Heather Van Holt at South Coast Rep for letting us take a look at their email design to sort this out. You can update any of your emails with the new code | Upgrade an older version


We know how much everyone loves social! We've updated our social icons again, adding new Snapchat icons and updating the RSS and Instagram icon colors. Learn how to update your social icons here.


We also applied fixes and made enhancements in these areas of email template editor and media: 

  • Styles: Moved caption styling to the image section! Thank you to Erin Moore at Roundabout Theatre for providing some feedback that helped us think through a helpful update.
  • Styles: Fixed issue where CSS editor code could not be deleted
  • Styles: Fixed color picker issue where #000000 was set by default and couldn't be removed (borders and containers)
  • Link Map tool: Buttons without URLs are now outlined in red so it is clear that a real URL has not been added
  • Media: Reserved WordFly folders can no longer be copied




This month there were several updates to email campaign Heat Maps. Now triggered email campaigns have accurate heat maps. There were some minor data discrepancies in the past but now the heat maps load as expected and have all the right click data. We also tackled an issue where URLs ending in special characters did not display in the heat map. And, we decided to hide the heat map icon if the email template used in the campaign is no longer available, i.e., deleted.


In other reporting news, we also tackled:

  • Export Data: Added support for exporting and downloading data files with extra long filenames
  • Reporting: Reduced the number of Unknown email clients


Custom Pages


We spent some time enhancing one of our WordFly subscribe options - the basic single field email signup form. We converted our basic single field opt-in feature to double opt-in to comply with deliverability best practices. Subscriber confirmation is now required for single field signup. No changes are required from the WordFly user end. Learn more


Email Campaigns


Last month we announced a popular new feature - Seed lists! We enhanced this and added back-end support for separate seed lists for standard and triggered campaigns. Special thanks to Christopher Bogar at Royal Danish Theatre for the feature enhancement. Learn more


We also took a look at how we were processing links with trailing spaces. Now WordFly will convert links with trailing spaces so that the links are tracked correctly. Thank you to Jena Leibowitz at American Museum of Natural History for reporting this!



Tessitura CRM Integration


Last month we made some enhancements to WordFly's Box Office Insight integration in Tessitura. It was reported that clicked subject lines were opening to an error page, rather than going to the email preview. Now clicking the subject line opens email preview as expected. Thanks to Aaron Waapu at Melbourne Recital Centre for the report!

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