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Our online payment site allows Account Owners to access to their payment history, download invoices, and make payments. We’re thrilled to provide the convenience of auto payment, including monthly emails with an attached PDF of your invoice and payment receipts. Just add your credit card or bank details and your monthly invoice will be paid automatically each month.

Please check out the FAQ below and send us any questions we haven’t answered.

We now accept American Express as a form of payment, in addition to Visa and Mastercard.


Billing cycle

  • On the 8th of each month, invoices are emailed to Account Owners and any users marked as Billing Contacts in WordFly. A PDF version of the invoice will be attached.

  • On the 10th of each month, your payment will be automatically processed using the credit/debit card or bank details you entered into the payment system. You’ll receive a receipt that same day. Payments will appear as “POP, Inc.” on your credit card statement. If you have not yet entered autopay details, you must log in to the payments site and make payment within 30 days.

Credit cards and ACH only run on the 10th of every month for the previous month’s invoice. If this payment is not able to be processed automatically with autopay on the 10th, you will need to pay the invoice manually through the payment site.


Accepted forms of payment

  • Credit or debit cards
    We accept credit or debit cards issued by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

  • ACH bank info (United States customers only)
    Enter your routing and bank account number which can be found at the bottom of a check or in your banking account. We can no longer accept paper checks.

If you paid your WordFly invoices with PayPal in the past...
You can enter in a credit card instead.

If you are based in the United States and paid your invoices by check in the past...
You can enter your banking details (ACH) instead.

If you paid your invoices by wire transfer in the past...
You can enter a credit card instead. If you must continue using wire transfer, please get in touch. Wire transfer is not supported in the payment system.


Manage your autopay details

Set up autopay for the first time

  1. Check your inbox for a Set Password email sent from  
    These emails are only sent to the person listed as the Account Owner in WordFly. If you do not have the email in your inbox or spam folder, please get in touch.
  2. Set a new password
    If the link has expired, click Forgot Password.
  3. Use the new password to sign in to
    You will be automatically redirected to the Autopay page.
  4. On the Autopay page, select your payment method and enter details.
    Click Add Card or Add Bank Account and enter the required information. You must enter details here before you can review Invoices and Transaction History.
  5. Click Enable Autopay
  6. Agree to the Terms of Service
  7. You are now set up for autopay


To update your payment method

  1. Sign in to 
  2. Click the Manage Autopay button
  3. Click Add Card or Add Bank Account
  4. Select it as your preferred payment method
  5. Click the Update Payment Method button


Make a payment manually

You can use this method to pay any past-due invoices.

  1. Sign in to
  2. From the left, click on Invoices
  3. Select which invoices you would like to pay, then click Make a Payment
  4. Review the invoice selections and click Continue
  5. Select your payment method and enter details
  6. Click Submit
  7. After your payment is processed, you can download a copy of your receipt



To print or download an invoice

  1. Sign in to
  2. From the left, click on Invoices
  3. Click the invoice to view, then click Download as PDF
  4. Select the Print icon 
  5. In the Destination dropdown, select your printer or Save as PDF
  6. Click Print or Save


Manage your account owner and billing contacts

To get set up with our online payment system, you first need to select a single WordFly user as the Account Owner inside WordFly. This person will be the only person who can have access to the payment website. This person should be the user who knows the most about your WordFly account. They are responsible for logging into the payment site and adding your credit card or banking details into the payment site. Any users marked as Billing Contacts in WordFly will also receive invoices and receipts via email. 


Managing multiple accounts: Your payment options

For customers managing multiple accounts, WordFly provides three payment and invoicing options. Whether you prefer maintaining separate account ownership, sharing one payment account, or consolidating your invoices into one, we’ve designed our options to ensure simplicity and efficiency.

Option 1: Maintain separate Account Owners

  • How it works
    Designate a different Account Owner for each of your WordFly accounts. Each Account Owner will log in to the payment site separately. Each Account Owner will establish a method of payment, make payments, and manage invoices individually. Each Account Owner needs a unique email address for login. All your WordFly and payment accounts remain separate.
  • Steps to implement
    Log into your WordFly account, navigate to the account section, and assign an Account Owner for each account. Email and we will send the Account Owner an invite to the payment site.
  • Benefits
    Keeps your accounts and financials distinct, offering clarity and control over each account’s expenditures.

Option 2: Share one payment account

  • How it works
    All your WordFly accounts will share a single payment site account. You’ll need to use the same payment method for all your WordFly accounts in the payment site. We’ll provide separate invoices for each of your WordFly accounts. Account Owners from each WordFly account can have a log in to the payment site, manage payment methods, and pay invoices.
  • Steps to implement
    Contact our support team to assist you with opening a shared payment site account. WordFly accounts and logins will remain separate.
  • Benefits
    Simplifies login and payment processes, while still maintaining separate invoicing for organizational purposes.

Option 3: Consolidated invoices

  • How it works
    You’ll receive one invoice that consolidates all your WordFly account invoices. You’ll see each WordFly account listed as an individual line item. You’ll select one WordFly account as the “primary” account and the others are "secondary" WordFly accounts. One or more WordFly Account Owners may have access to the single account on the payment site and can manage payment methods and pay invoices.
  • Steps to implement
    Request consolidated invoicing through WordFly customer support. Designate your “primary” account that will house your singular invoice.
  • Benefits
    Streamlines billing into one comprehensive invoice, making it easier to track and manage overall expenses across multiple accounts.

Need help? If you have questions or need assistance in setting up your preferred payment option, please reach out to our support team. We’re here to help ensure your billing process is as seamless and efficient as possible.



Payment website FAQ

Can our finance team have access to the payment website?

No. Only the Account Owner will have access. Add your finance team as billing contacts in your WordFly account to ensure they receive invoices, receipts, and other billing-related emails.


Is monthly auto-payment required?

Yes. Our online payment system will become the standard way to make payments via credit card or ACH. You will receive an invoice a few days prior to the charge going through. If your organization has business rules that forbid online or auto pay, please let us know.


How do we add our credit card or banking details for autopay?

The Account Owner will receive an invitation from us to access the system. After setting up their login credentials for the payment website and authorizing auto-payment, they can enter credit card or banking info. Once entered, details are masked for security purposes and cannot be viewed.


What info is available on the payment website?

The Account Owner can view and download current invoices and see payment status of each. They can also make payments or apply credit toward any outstanding invoices prior to the February 2024 bill. The account history can be reviewed from 2020 onward.


Will there still be billing info in WordFly? 

Yes. In the Billing section in WordFly you can view your Account Usage, download usage PDFs, and download campaign CSV data. Account Usage PDFs have the same data as the invoice, but actual invoices are only available through the new payment website and in monthly email communications.


How do I update my billing address?



How do I change the account owner?

The current account owner can select a new account owner by going to the Account > Organization Info page in the WordFly app. After they make the change, please email to change access to the payment system. 

If your account owner is no longer at the organization, please email



Security FAQ

Is WordFly saving our credit card or ACH bank info? 

No. Credit card and banking info will not be stored by WordFly. Oracle NetSuite is the data storer and host. Credit card and personally identifiable information is always secure, and NetSuite is externally audited to SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 (SSAE18 and ISAE 3402) standards while maintaining ISO 27001 and 27018, PCI DSS and PA-DSS compliance. Cybersource, a Visa Solution, is the processor. The Cybersource platform is built on Visa infrastructure, with world-class security and the payment reach and fraud insights of its $500B+ global processing network.


Can credit card or ACH bank info details be viewed after they are entered?

No. Once entered, the details are masked for security purposes.