September 2016: Features and Enhancements

August was a month of vacations and conference time for the WordFly team. We made the most of a long development run to tackle some very exciting updates. We'd also like to call out all the users who provided feedback to help make this build the best it could be. Here's the September 2016 release! Read our full release notes for September updates here.



Account updates

Last month we added pdf invoice downloads to the Account section of WordFly. Any user with Account access can go to Account > Invoices to download invoice pdfs. A big THANK YOU to John Trimble at Dallas Black Dance Theatre for your feedback and suggestions! 


This month we made some updates to the invoices section:

  • Added "All fees shown in US Dollars" to invoice
  • New Billing contacts now receive a text email about WordFly's billing practices
  • Added redirect to the Invoices page if you try to access an invoice that is not available in your account
  • Download UI now displays briefly when page is loaded


We also added an exciting new feature that will allow any organization to set up a custom tracking domain for links. Instead of using the default '' for links you can set up your own domain. Learn More.


In other account updates new we also improved the login process. The messaging that appears when a user enters a wrong password, email address or account name is much more visible and clear. We will also allow more attempts to login before making an account inactive.



Email Designs & Modern Editor

This month we tackled a load of enhancements to email designing. We hope you enjoy these updates as much as we do!


Modern Editor updates:

  • Added a tool for inserting special characters into Text blocks (under the Add menu). Thank you to Jamie O'Brien at New42 for this feature suggestion!
  • Added support for dragging and dropping a new container directly above an existing container. Thank you Becca Brenner at NY Philharmonic and Michaela Drapes at NYC Ballet for your feedback!
  • Improved content editor to prevent extra code from being added when copy-pasting text and deleting paragraphs. We did some high-fives and maybe some cartwheels when this was implemented. Thank you for feedback from Jamie O'Brien at New42 and many others who gave us enough information to tackle this!
  • Design adjustments to highlight area inside the container and outside the container such as: Thicker container outline, light blue rollover highlights, green drop area highlights.
  • Styles: Added CSS editor for each selector as an alternative way to enter styles. This is the same design as the Text block HTML editor. Inserts CSS code into the main stylesheet. Learn more.
  • Styles: Added "Adjust spacing" box model UI to all elements that had margin bottom. Open "Adjust Spacing" to adjust the padding and margin of elements such as headlines, paragraph text, and many other typography elements.
  • Link Map: Resolved issue where link map tool showed buttons had links when they did not. Find the Link Map took in the Modern Editor by clicking on the arrow icon in the upper right corner just below the Save button.
  • Image blocks containing dynamic image URLs now display as expected in all browsers. Thank you to the team at Kennedy Center for providing us with your feedback so we could tackle this in the best way possible!
  • Text blocks: You can now add up to 50 characters in the "If missing" field when inserting data fields. Thank you to Victoria Molina at NYC Opera for this suggestion!
  • Added ability to preview custom-coded emails from the Email Templates page. Now all our users who are savvy enough to code their own emails can also preview those emails in WordFly.


Also, in the Media and Email Templates sections we fixed issue where large grey field appeared below input field when renaming files.



Subscriber Lists

We also made some feature enhancements and improvements to subscriber lists.


Email campaigns now offer the option to suppress a list from being sent to in your email! This is similar to segmentation but separate. You can suppress one list from any standard email campaign. This request was frequently requested by our user community and we couldn't be happier it is now available for everyone to use. Learn more.

Here's a shout out to all the folks who suggested adding a suppression list:

Melissa Tan at Music Center
Joelle Weber at Auditorium Theatre
Ming Feron and Rosa Luna at American Museum of Natural History
Jason Coon at Dr Phillips Center
Glenn Robertson at Music Center
Zoe Lawrence at West Australian Symphony

Do you like to merge lists for your email campaigns? Have you ever merged a list into a list you didn't want to merge into? Oops. This has come up a few times for our users so we added a confirmation step when adding a list to another list. Learn more. A special thank you to Glenn Robertson at Music Center for providing some feedback about the merging process and helping us think through an update that would work for WordFly!


We updated Data Fields and Preferences to prevent invalid characters that use quotes, commas and parentheses (unfortunately these characters break list imports!). Only letters A to Z, numbers 0 to 9, dashes, underscores, and spaces are supported. This follows our support documentation best practices for naming conventions. Tip: If you need to write more for a preference you should add a description for the preference instead of a long name.

Lastly we added a new Date Data Field option of "Day of Week"! Go to Subscribers > Data Fields to create a new data field in this format. Special thanks to Nick Yarborough at Park Avenue Armory for this request!



Email Campaigns / Sent Campaigns

You can now quickly view campaign details, scheduled dates, and more by clicking on the info icon next to Standard and Triggered email campaign names. Learn more.




And, just a couple quick updates in the Reporting section:

  • Reporting: Resolved issue where email clients data was not displaying and updated that data in all accounts
  • Heat Maps: Fixed issue where emails with dynamic images didn't load completely in the UI

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