Unsubscribe override for automated emails

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Miguel Panayotty
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WordFly can automatically override unsubscribes for any automated email campaigns. This feature is helpful for show cancellation notifications or important announcements that must be communicated to subscribers regardless of unsubscribe status. This feature is only available to CRM-integrated accounts.

If you’re interested in using this feature, email us and we will enable it for your account.


How does the automated email Override Unsubscribes feature work?

When your automated triggered email campaign is set up to use the Override Unsubscribes feature, WordFly will automatically bypass unsubscribes for any import and deployment for your campaign. Without the feature enabled, WordFly will suppress addresses with Unsubscribes recorded in WordFly. This option would only be enabled for transactional emails. Be sure to review the laws around electronic communication and opt-outs of the countries you are sending to before considering this feature for your account.



Selecting the Override Unsubscribes feature for your automated email

Once the automated email Override Unsubscribes feature is enabled for your account, you will be able to turn it on for any triggered email campaign.


Follow these steps to enable this feature for a triggered campaign:

1. Go to your triggered email campaign

2. On the Settings step, select the Override Unsubscribes option

3. Click Save

*If your automated campaign is activated and sending, first pause the campaign from the Activation step. Then go to the Settings tab to enable this feature. Re-activate your campaign after edits are made.