May 2016: New Features and Enhancements

We have some exciting new features to share with you for our May 2016 release! Read our full release notes for May updates here.



Last month we released several new export options. This month we have more NEW export data options!


We've received many requests for custom yearly campaign metric exports. We've made this export available to all accounts! Export campaign metrics by any time range | Learn More


We also made some adjustments and enhancements to other exports:

  • Reporting > Export Data > Metrics by Campaign:
    • We removed the 50-campaign export limit
    • Added seven new columns to exported file (From Name, From Address, Archive URL, Campaign Type, AB Testing Type, Total Sent, Total Delivered)
  • Reporting > Export Data > Event Data exports (Events by Campaign / Events by Account):
    • Added Email Client and Platform columns to exported file



Modern Editor

New! Link Map tool so you can quickly see which areas of your email are clickable and where alt text has not been entered for images. Look for the boxed arrow icon on the right-hand side. This tool allows users to easily see where they've added links (or forgotten to add them) while they're focused on building their email. It also allows users to click on those links to see if they are going to the correct location.

New! Images inserted into text areas can now be edited with the Adobe editing tool


New! Double-click a text link to access editing options (edit the URL, edit linked text)


Added more keyboard shortcuts for quick actions: Toggling Preview mode, exiting the block editor, opening Blocks tab, opening Stylesheet tab. Learn More.


Improved 508 Compliance for Modern Editor emails

  • Now adding ALT text for spacer image to emails when sent
  • Now adding organization name as a page title to emails when sent


Custom Page updates

  • Simplified text in the Forwarded email message to read, "Privacy: Your email address was only used to forward this email to you. It has not been saved." Previously this was, "Your email address has NOT been saved or used for any other purpose. There is no need to unsubscribe. You have NOT been added to our email list.
  • Added generic Unsubscribe/Preferences page titles. The two-step unsubscribe landing page title now reads Email Preferences.



  • Added Help link to login pages so that users will know they can receive help logging into their account from their own team members.
  • Added Knowledge Base link to welcome email so that new users will have a resources to learn all about WordFly from our support site.





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