Data that we store and delete

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Our data retention policy went into effect on January 16, 2024. We will be in compliance by August 15, 2024.


Data for active subscribers

Active Subscribers are people you are mailing to and paying for. An Active Subscriber could be engaged or disengaged. 

  • Profile tab
    We retain profile data, preferences, and imported subscriber data as long as the subscriber is Active. Profile data includes the email address, SMS number, CRM Subscriber ID, First Name, Last Name, Engagement, Subscribe Date, and how they were added. Imported subscriber data is the data imported into any Subscriber Data fields created by an organization.

  • Activity tab
    We show Open, Click, and Forward events for the past 13 months.

  • Lists tab
    We show subscribed lists and list data for the past 6 months.

Inactive Subscribers are people you have not mailed to in the past 90 days and you are not paying for. An Inactive Subscriber could be engaged or disengaged.

Once a subscriber moves to Inactive status, their subscriber data will be deleted after 6 months.



Data for sent campaigns and workflows

Campaigns and workflows that are 13 months past their sent date are considered permanently archived. Campaigns and workflows that are 13 months old and have not been sent or scheduled will also be archived. Summary views of sent archived campaigns can be accessed from the Reporting section.

  • General metrics
    The following numbers for all sent campaigns are never deleted: The number Sent and Delivered and the numbers of Opens, Clicks, Forwards, Opt-Outs, Bounces, and Complaints. 

  • Open, Click, and Forward events
    Detailed tracking data for Opens, Clicks, and Forward events are retained for 13 months. After 13 months, the events become anonymous and cannot be traced to a specific subscriber.

  • Opt-Out, Bounce, and Complaint events
    Detailed tracking data for Opt-Outs, Bounces (hard and soft bounces), and Complaints are never deleted.

  • List
    The list associated with the campaign and any list data that was imported into it is retained for 6 months.

Event Tracking data
Open Email address, time, IP address, location, email client, and location
Click Email address or SMS number, the URL, the position, HTML or Text, IP address, location, email client, and browser
Forward Email address that forwarded the email
Email address or SMS number, the URL, the position, HTML or Text, IP address, location, email client, and browser

Data collected on pages

  • Published page data
    Any data collected from a subscriber on a form is never deleted while the page is published.

  • Unpublished page data
    Any data collected from a form is retained for 6 months after the page is unpublished.

Other data

  • Exports and Reports
    Exported data and reports are retained for 30 days.

  • Lists
    Inactive lists and any imported list data for those lists are retained for 6 months.

    A list is considered Inactive when:
    • No subscribers have been imported into the list in the past 6 months
    • It is not used in an active campaigns
    • It is not used as a suppression list in a campaign
    • It is not a seed list, test list, or WordFly signup list



Right to Be Forgotten / Right to Erasure

If a subscriber makes a “Right to be Forgotten” request, all data associated with that subscriber is deleted and cannot be restored. This action impacts current data and not future data associated with the subscriber.

Account Termination

After your account is closed (you have provided written notice or your account becomes inactive), your data on our servers and in our backup system will be deleted after 60 days. Once data is deleted it cannot be restored.

  • An account is considered Closed when you have provided written notice to us and we have marked your account for closure.
  • An account is considered Inactive when we have detected that your account has not been used at all for 180 days (no campaigns sent, no logins).




An action we take 13 months after a standard, triggered, or automated campaign is completed in order to purge the detailed open, click, and forward event data associated with subscribers in a campaign. This data cannot be restored.

An action we take to permanently remove data from our servers. It cannot be restored after it is purged.

An action in the WordFly app that you can take to remove items from view. In some cases, the items may still exist on our servers.