How to append a data field to all links? (Tessitura integration)

Do you need a way to append a data field to all links in your email? For example, appending your Tessitura customer number to all links. This is possible for Tessitura integrated customers by using the Source Number appending feature as a workaround. This support post explains how to add both a data field and source number appending to all your links.


Append a data field to all links (Tessitura Integrated accounts)


Step 1: Enable Source Number appending for your account.

1. Go to Account > Tessitura


2. Check the box for Allow Source Number appending for email links.



Step 2: Update the 'Query string name' field to include the data field and source number query you want to append.


You can do both the data field and source number.


Data field and source number example,



*If using Canopy Labs use cluid=##CrmSubscriberId##


Adjust the 'sourceNumber' query string based on what your website uses to process the source number values. TNEW users should use 'promo' (Ex: uid=##CrmSubscriberId##&promo).


Save your changes under Account > Tessitura. You must Save any updates made in this section before leaving.



Step 3: Test it 

Test to make sure your website can handle the additional query string. Learn how to test source appending.





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