February 2016, Release #2: New Features and Enhancements

We have released some great features to share with you for our February 2016 release! Read our full release notes for February updates here.



  • Heat map data can now be exported as a CSV file. Click on the drawer arrow at the top of the heat map to see your export option.
  • SMS campaigns now show organization SMS averages.


Subscriber lists

Opt-outs, complaints, and hard bounces are now filtered out when adding an existing list to a list. Previously we were merging lists as is which would ignore unsubscribes or hard bounces that had come in for subscribers in other sent lists. This update now ensures we are acknowledging subscriber opt-outs regardless of when those occurred.


Modern Editor

Added ability to set the height and/or width of images inserted into Text blocks. This is helpful if you plan to use retina images in your emails. Learn more about uploading retina images.


Subscriber Profiles

  • Opt-Outs, Complaints, and Hard Bounces now remain in the Activity tab if the flagged event is cleared or overridden. An X shows that the event is no longer active. Now a subscriber has a history of their opt-outs on their subscriber profile!
  • Improved the Lists tab UI and fixed date sorting.



Inbox Preview: Added support for Version B testing.





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