Authorize WordFly to access your data in Altru

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Kelly Sutter
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This one-time user authorization step is required in order to import data from Altru. If you do not complete this step, you will see a greyed-out Altru button on the Subscribers step when sending a campaign.


Authorize WordFly to access data

  1. Log in to the WordFly application with the WordFly user login credentials sent to you by your account owner. The email has the subject line Welcome to WordFly and the from/reply-to address is

  2. Set a new password and agree to the terms of use

  3. Click your name in the upper-right to access Your Profile

  4. Click the button to authorize with Altru


  5. Follow the prompts to authorize WordFly to access Blackbaud data. This step will take place on Blackbaud servers.

  6. Once authorized, the profile page will reflect that status