Segmentation: Segmenting by a data field

Send an email to all the subscribers that have a specific data field (or who don't have a data field).


Segmentation is a tool in WordFly that allows you to send to just one portion of your subscriber list. You can create a series of conditional statements which segment out subscribers depending on the criteria you set. You can reuse segments in future campaigns as well. Create your segment and give it a name to save the customizations for a quick go-to the next time you would like to send to the same segment.


We'll review how to segment your list by a specific data field.


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Segment by data field

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Segment by data field


Send an email to all the subscribers that have a specific data field (use this option to suppress subscribers who don't have a specific data field!)


1. Set up your email campaign.


2. Under the Subscribers tab, select or import your list.


3. On the List Summary page, select More List Actions > Segment Your List.


4. Select Create a new segment.


5. Select Add profile data for your segment.


6. Select the type of subscriber profile data you want to segment by.

PROFILE DATA, segment options available:

  • Engagement rating (stars) or score
  • Preferences
  • CRM Source
  • CRM data
  • Other data (such as email, city, WordFlyOrigin etc)


7. Further define your segment from the available dropdowns.

For the example below, the segment would include subscribers who are not gmail addresses.

  • Data Field: Select a specific data field for your needs. Example, Email
  • Operator: Select an operator for your segment filter. Example, does not contain
  • From the last field, enter data for the condition. Example, Gmail


8. Select Add to segment


9. Select Apply to list




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