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The third page you can click into when you go to a Subscriber Profile is the Lists page. The lists page shows all the lists the subscriber is in and allows you to add to or remove from lists.


  • Filter events by Status (Subscribed, Not Subscribed), List Type (Standard, Triggered, Test), Import Date (if any), Label, or search term
  • Remove subscriber from a list they're in
  • Add subscriber to lists they're not in
  • View/add data for data fields that you imported for that list
  • View the list summary of any list
  • Override a flagged subscriber issue on a list-by-list basis



Remove a subscriber from a list

1. Filter by Status, select Subscribed.

2. Click on the name of the list you want to REMOVE the address from.

3. Select the option 'Remove from list' from the dropdown options.

The address is immediately removed from the list.



Add a subscriber to a list

1. Filter by Status, select Not Subscribed.

2. Click on the name of the list you want to ADD the address to.

3. Select the option 'Add to list' from the dropdown options.


The address is immediately added to the list.



View/update for 'list' data fields imported for a list

Each time a list is imported into WordFly data fields are mapped to import data from the list into WordFly. There are two types of data fields in WordFly: subscriber and list data fields. Subscriber data fields live on the Subscriber Profile and is data that will not change often for the subscriber (such as first name). List data fields only live in lists and is data that will change with every list import (such as performance name or date). List data can be updated on the Subscriber Profile under the Lists page.

1. Click over to the Lists page on the Subscriber Profile

2. Click on the list name that you want to view or update list data for

3. Select 'View list data' from the dropdown options

4. You can view any list data here

5. Click Edit if you would like to update list data

6. Change any list data fields after clicking edit

7. Click Save

Your updates to the list data fields are saved for this subscriber only. The updated list data will be used for this list the next time it is assigned to a Campaign. (To make changes to 'subscriber' data fields, click on the Profile page to edit Subscriber Info)



Override an opt-out or hard bounce for a list

1. Change the Status filter to Not Subscribed.

2. Find the list the address has been filtered out as a Subscriber Import Issue.

3. Click on the list name.

4. Select Override issue for this list.

The unsubscribe or hard bounce will be removed from the subscriber’s record for this list only.



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