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Activity refers to any interaction a subscriber has had with your emails, e.g., opens, clicks, opt-outs, complaints, and bounces. Activity is divided into Campaign Activity and List Activity.


Campaign Activity

On the Campaign Activity page, you can:

  • Filter events by Date, Type, Campaign Type, Platform, Email Client, or search term
  • See history of cleared or overridden flagged events
  • Click the campaign name to view the results, details, or summary of the campaign
  • View platforms where subscriber interacted with your email
  • Click View List Activity link to view organization-initiated events that occur after an address is first imported into a list



Mobile platform refers to any email client that is used on a mobile device. Example: Mobile Safari indicates the subscriber opened the email on their iPhone in the web browser


Desktop platform refers to any email client that must be be installed on a desktop machine. Example: Microsoft Outlook

Webmail Webmail platform refers to email clients accessed on the web, typically from a desktop machine. Examples: Gmail, Yahoo,



A full history of your subscriber’s flagged events can be reviewed here. You can see each unsubscribe, abuse complaint, or hard bounce that has been logged. When an event has an 'x' next to it, this indicates the event has been cleared or overridden.



To view history of flagged events

1. Click on the Activity page

2. Change the Event filter to a specific flagged event, e.g., Opt-Out

The filter will update and will show all the Opt-Outs on record for the subscriber. including cleared and overridden events.


How can I confirm if a subscriber was included in a sent campaign?
At the top of the page, click the Lists tab to view which lists a subscriber is Subscribed to. From here you can confirm if the subscriber was included in a sent campaign.




List Activity



On the List Activity page, you can:

  • Filter events by Date, Type (Removal, Override), List Type (Standard, Triggered, Test), or search term
  • Click List Name to go to List Summary



Removals indicate lists the subscriber’s address from manually removed from


Overrides indicate any lists the subscriber’s address was added back to from the import issues section by overriding the unsubscribe for that list only


Test Test refers to the list of addresses in your campaign’s testing section under Send a Test Email
Standard Standard refers to any list imported under Subscribers > Lists
Triggered [CRM-integrated accounts only] Triggered refers to any dynamic list assigned to a Triggered Campaign


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