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Email signup on your Facebook page

How to set up your WordFly Subscribe email sign up on your Facebook page



Email signup on your Facebook page


Every marketer wants to grow their email list. Having multiple acquisition channels is an easy way to achieve email list growth over time. Facebook is one channel every marketer should utilize to increase email sign ups.


Facebook allows marketers to place a 'Call to Action' button on the top banner of organization pages. We recommend using this button as an email sign up and linking to your WordFly Signup subscribe page landing page.


Here's a snapshot of what the sign up button looks like in the top banner on Facebook (note this is the administrator view):


When someone clicks on 'sign up' they will be redirected to the WordFly Signup subscribe landing page.



Before you get started, take note of these things:

  • You will need to set up your WordFly Signup subscribe page first.
  • You can only create one call-to-action on your Facebook page.
  • Any changes you need to make to your subscribe landing page should be made in WordFly under Account > Subscribe.
  • Email sign ups on your Facebook page will go through the double opt-in subscribe process as expected for the WordFly Signup subscribe page. When someone fills out the form WordFly will send an email asking them to confirm their subscription.
  • The sign up button will not appear on the mobile version of your Facebook page.
  • You can remove your Facebook sign up anytime by logging into your Facebook page, clicking on the Sign up button and selecting Delete call to action.




How to set up WordFly Subscribe email sign up on your Facebook page


Let's review how to set up an email signup on your Facebook page:


First things first...

You need to make sure your WordFly Signup subscribe landing page is set up and published live in your WordFly account.


Add an email signup button to your Facebook page:


Follow these 6 steps to quickly add an email signup button to your Facebook page!


1. Open your organization's Facebook page. Note: Do this while logged in as an administrator of your organization's Facebook page.


2. Click the "Create Call to Action" button on the right side of the top banner



3. Under "Choose a button", select "Sign Up”




4. In your WordFly account, copy your WordFly Signup subscribe URL

Go to Account > Subscribe Options > Settings. At the top of the Settings page copy the WordFly Signup subscribe URL for your account.


Example from a WordFly account:


5. Go back to your Facebook page call-to-action setup: paste in your WordFly Signup subscribe page URL into the Website field.


6. Click Create.


Your Facebook email signup will now appear on your Facebook page top banner. Patrons who sign up for your emails here will populate in your WordFly Subscribe list. This list is assigned to your subscribe page under Account > Subscribe > Subscribe Settings.


Once your sign up is live you can select the 'sign up' button on your Facebook page and choose from a few options to test, promote it or view insights. You can even delete your call-to-action from this menu.