How to add an email address (mailto:) link

In Modern Editor you can create mailto: links in any text or image block. Clicking these links will prompt a new email message in the subscriber's default email client with pre-populated content.


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Linking to an email address


It's easy to link to an email address in your design. The technical term for these links is mailto: links. These are added just like any other link in your design inside an href field. When your recipient clicks the mailto link it will open the default email client on the device with the email address populated in the To: field.


Note: Mailto links cannot be tracked like other links to your website because these links open in the default email client.


You can add a basic mailto link to your email or page design right inside Modern Editor. You can even add a an email subject line and email body content in the mailto link.


Easily add an email mailto link into your design using tools in Modern Editor.


1. Open your design in Modern Editor.

2. Click on any text or image block field in your design from the preview panel (right side).

3. Find the href field on the edit content panel (left side).

  • In image blocks, the href field will appear on the edit content panel.
  • In text blocks, the href field will appear when you highlight a word and select the link icon from the edit content panel

4. Above the href field you will see a Mailto link with an email icon next to it. Click on this link.


5. A window will appear to help add a mailto link. Fill in all the fields as needed and click I'm done.

  • Enter your email address in the Email Address field.
  • Enter an email subject line in the Email Subject field. This will automatically populate a subject line when the mailto link is clicked. This is optional.
  • Enter email body content in the Email Body field. This will automatically populate body content when the mailto link is clicked. This is optional.




After clicking I'm done, your mailto link will be added to your text or image block href field.


Example of image block href field with mailto link,




Adding data fields to mailto links


You can easily add a data field to further personalize a mailto link. For example, you can include a customer number in the mailto subject line. Follow these instructions to learn how to include a data field in your mailto subject line.


1. Click on the Mailto link in any text or image block within Modern Editor. 


2. Insert your email address and in the Email Subject insert your data field as shown.


3. Inspect the link after adding any data field. Note how the # symbols are converted to %23.


4. Change each %23 value to # symbols.

This step is required for the data field to be recognized in the mailto link. There should be double ## symbols at the front and end of any data field.


5. Under the Add mailto link screen you will see your data field masked, but it is still present.




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