Data Fields: WordFly's default data fields (First Name, City, WordFly Origin...)

Every WordFly account has a set of existing data fields that can be used for personalization in your templates and for segmenting.

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Existing WordFly subscriber data fields

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Existing WordFly subscriber data fields


Some data fields already exist for you in WordFly, those are all marked as type "WordFly".




Follow these steps to see existing data fields in WordFly:


1. Go to Subscribers > Data fields.


2. Filter by the column 'Type'.

Any data fields that come up as 'WordFly' are existing data fields in WordFly.



All of these 'WordFly' data fields (except two) are 'subscriber' data fields and data imported for these fields lives on the subscriber's record in WordFly. The two exceptions in the list are Download and Source number which are both 'list' data fields and change with each import for CRM integrated accounts.


Subscriber data is considered permanent for the subscriber and only changes if new data is imported to the fields. For example, 'First Name' is typically something that will never change for a subscriber.


Actual WordFly data fields cannot be modified or deleted in your account under Subscribers > Data fields. You can create new subscriber data fields if you need to, these core data fields will always remain.


Below are all the existing "WordFly" data fields you will find in your account:


City A subscriber's city
Country A subscriber's country
CrmSubscriberId A subscriber's unique customer number from your WordFly integrated CRM
Email A subscriber's unique email address, only one email per subscriber 
EmailFormatPreference A subscriber's email format preference (HTML vs Text)
First Name A subscriber's first name
Last Name A subscriber's last name
Phone A subscriber's phone number
PostalCode A subscriber's postal code (zip code)
SMS Number A subscriber's mobile number (use for accounts with SMS enabled)
State/Province A subscriber's home state
Street A subscriber's street address 1
DownloadNumber (Tessitura CRM accounts) A promotion number from Tessitura
SourceNumber (Tessitura/Centaman CRM accounts) A promotion number from the CRM database



There are also a few WordFly Subscriber Profile data fields that are only updated by WordFly and not by list imports:


WordFlySubscribeDate Date subscriber was created in WordFly
WordFlyOrigin How subscriber was added to WordFly: WordFly Signup, WordFly Lightbox, or Import (list import).

Gold star rating based on engagement score


Calculated based on user activity


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Learn more about data fields and personalization



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