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There are several ways to follow WordFly and get updates about new features, industry news, and service disruptions. Let's review all the way you can follow along!

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Updates about what's new in WordFly

Communication industry news

WordFly service disruptions


Updates about what's new in WordFly


Every month WordFly releases updates to all our users. There are several ways we will inform you of these updates.

Email, of course!

Every user with an account login in WordFly will receive our email newsletters. Watch for these every month and learn all about what's new. The email is coming from so be sure to add this address to your safe senders list. Check out a newsletter example!


WordFly Dashboard

Every time you log into your WordFly account you will be directed to the dashboard. Check out the highlights from the last release under 'What's new with WordFly'.


Broadcast message

When we make updates to WordFly we will show a drop-down message at the top of your WordFly screen to let you know about it right away. Keep an eye out for this notification drop-down.



Release notes

We will detail all the updates and even bug fixes that have gone live in the latest update to WordFly. You can review our release notes anytime by visiting this page:



Support site - Feature News

We've committed an entire section of our support site to new releases. Go to Feature News > WordFly's Latest Updates to read about monthly releases.





Communication industry news

We're on top of everything in the communication industry and we want to share what we are learning with our WordFly users. 


Follow WordFly on Twitter, @wordfly

Every week you'll stay on top of industry news through WordFly's Twitter feed.

Follow the WordFly blog

Every month we will post a few articles that cover topics such as email design, SMS, deliverability or other industry news interests. Read our blog at




WordFly service disruptions

Sometimes service disruptions happen and although very rare we do want to keep everyone updated on the status.


WordFly status page

We've created a status page that is completely separate from WordFly so that we can always notify our users of a service disruption. Go to for our updates.



WordFly Twitter status, @wordflystatus

We've created a separate Twitter channel to communicate status updates in real time. You'll see the same updates here as you would on the status page. Follow us here


Broadcast message

Watch for a broadcast notification message if we need to warn you of a service disruption. We will update this message to keep you informed of the status.





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