Keyboard shortcuts in Modern Editor

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Quick Actions

Content Editing Shortcuts

Style Editing Shortcuts

Preview Panel Shortcuts​



Quick Actions

These actions in Modern Editor help you move around the tool quickly.


Toggle full preview Command + ; Control + ;
Close block editor ESC ESC
Open Blocks tab Command + Shift + B Control + Shift + B
Open Stylesheet tab Command + Shift + S Control + Shift + S
Open HTML tab Command + ' Control + '
Save Command + S Control + S
Quick Delete Shift + Delete link Shift + Delete link




Content Editing Shortcuts​

These keyboard shortcuts will save you time when editing text.

Bold text Up/Down Arrow Up/Down Arrow
Italicize text Shift + Up/Down Arrow Shift + Up/Down Arrow
Undo text changes Command + Shift + U Control + Shift + U
Add soft line break (Safari) Command + Return  Control + Return
 Add soft line break (Chrome, Firefox)  Shift + Return  Shift+ Return

Highlight text shortcut

In your text block, click into a line of formatted text. The HTML tag applied to that text will show up in the lower-left corner. Click the tag to highlight the text. This shortcut also helps when you’re editing styles and need to see which style is applied to your text.



​Style Editing Shortcuts

When you are editing your styles, these shortcuts are helpful for setting spacing and pixel sizes.

Increase/Decrease value by 1 Up/Down Arrow Up/Down Arrow
Increase/Decrease value by 10 Shift + Up/Down Arrow Shift + Up/Down Arrow
Convert non-pixel value to 'px' Command + Shift + U Control + Shift + U




Preview Panel Shortcuts​

These shortcuts will save you time in the right-side panel of the editor. 

Duplicate, Save, or Delete blocks Right-Click or Control-Click Right-Click or Control-Click
Click mobile icon to preview mobile mode Slider bar Slider bar
Click desktop icon to preview desktop mode Slider bar Slider bar