Keyboard shortcuts for updating your email template (Modern Editor)

WordFly's Modern Editor supports some keystroke (keyboard) shortcuts when editing text and other areas of your email template. You'll have the most support for shortcuts in Chrome. Learn what you can do in this support post!

Topics covered in this article:

Quick Actions

Content Editing Shortcuts

Style Editing Shortcuts

Email Preview Panel Shortcuts​



Quick Actions


We've developed some quick actions in Modern Editor to help users move around the tool quickly.


Toggle full preview Command + ; Control + ;
Close block editor ESC ESC
Open Blocks tab Command + Shift + B Control + Shift + B
Open Stylesheet tab Command + Shift + S Control + Shift + S
Save the email Command + S Control + S




Content Editing Shortcuts​


The following table provides keystroke (keyboard) shortcuts for editing text in Modern Editor text blocks.


Bold text Command + B Chrome PC, Mac
Italicize text Command + I Chrome PC, Mac
Undo text changes Command + Z  Chrome, FF, Safari PC, Mac

Add soft line break

Control + Return 

Safari Mac

Add soft line break

Shift + Return Chrome, FF PC
Highlight a single word Double-click* Chrome PC, Mac

We built in an additional word highlight shortcut in text blocks that works across ALL browsers and both PC/Mac platforms.


In your text block, put your cursor on a formatted text in the text block, the tag applied to that text will show up in the lower left corner.


Here's an example of the cursor being placed on text that has h1 applied:

Click the tag in the lower left corner to quickly highlight that area for additional edits:



​Style Editing Shortcuts


When you are working on setting up your Styles (globally or on individual blocks) in your Modern Editor email template you can use these editing shortcuts in your updates.


To access your email template Stylesheet:

From the left side of your Modern Editor email template (the edit content panel), click on the Stylesheet tab. Then click on any Stylesheet section to edit it.



To access individual block Styles:

From the right side of your Modern Editor template (the email preview panel), click on any block and then click on the Styles tab of that block. Click on any area in the Styles section to edit it.


Here are the shortcuts you can use to edit your styles:


Adjust style sizes in 1-pixel increments when inside fields Up and Down arrows ALL PC, Mac
Adjust sizes in 10-pixel increments when inside fields Shift-Up and Down arrows ALL PC, Mac
When adjusting Margin or Padding spacing, click in top field, enter text, then click Tab to move around clockwise to each field Tab  ALL PC, Mac


*Example of Container section padding being updated:



Email Preview Panel Shortcuts​


In your Modern Editor email template you can use some built-in shortcuts to edit on the right side of the email (the email preview panel). Let's review what edits you can do on the email preview panel:


Duplicate or Delete blocks Right-Click ALL PC, Mac
Duplicate or Delete blocks Control-Click ALL PC, Mac
Click mobile icon to zoom into mobile mode Slider bar ALL PC, Mac
Click desktop icon to zoom into desktop mode Slider bar ALL PC, Mac





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