November 2015: New Features and Enhancements

We have released some great features to share with you for our November 2015 release! Read our full release notes for November updates here.


UI Updates

  • We added a new WordFly butterfly "Processing" loader. You'll see this under Email Templates, Subscriber lists and a few other pages in WordFly. We hope you enjoy the new loader (it's fun to watch)!
  • We made the broadcast message notifier taller. This is the notifier that appears for saving confirmations, errors, and in-app messaging. This should help with message visibility in the app.
  • We incorporated some great user feedback in our button and menu labeling. For example, you'll notice slight text changes to buttons for 'create a new email template', 'create a new email list', and building your email campaign as well as a few others.
  • And we made an update to convert special characters in campaign names to safe ones when inserted into tracking links.



  • Fixed issue where heat maps wouldn't load in certain cases
  • We've been working on releasing a new feature in Reporting - Geolocation! It is still in the final stages of testing and will be available soon so stay tuned. Here's what we worked on: Refined how IP addresses are mapped to locations, and optimized how location markers are rendered on maps. It's such a great feature and we can't wait to let you use it.





  • We worked on improving the image editor in this release so that image edits appear more immediately after being made. You can edit your images under Email > Media and inside Modern Editor when you are working on your images. You might even notice the change if you're looking closely in Modern Editor, you'll see a timestamp at the end of the image source that will update after every image edit.
  • Users will see an improved experience within Modern Editor when replacing an image with a new image of the same name. The new image will appear immediately and will not require a browser refresh.
  • While we were in there we also fixed some intermittent issues with broken images in text fields.


Modern Editor

  • We adjusted some alignment in Outlook so that images can now sit seamlessly side by side in Outlook where desired.
  • Starter template E is becoming more popular and has given us the opportunity to adjust a few quirks that have come up. We fixed an issue where text did not align correctly when viewing Starter Email E emails in the browser.
  • We added an update to our starter templates which is not required for old templates but you can consider adding it in. This CSS update prevents hidden blocks from interacting with visible blocks and is added to the 'general utility classes' section:

.desktop-hide + * {
  clear: both;


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