How to test a Centaman list email campaign

To make sure that event responses like opens, clicks, and unsubscribes are tracking back to Centaman, follow these steps to test the connection.



Setting up and testing a Centaman email campaign


Step 1 :: Create a test campaign.


1. Go to Email > Create a Campaign.


 2. On the Settings tab, enter some data for your test campaign. Click Save.

Testing campaign tips:

  • The name of your email campaign should make it clear it is a testing campaign.
  • The subject line of your email campaign should also include something about testing.



3. Select the Email Template tab, assign an email template to your campaign.


4. Select the Subscribers tab and continue to Step 2.



Step 2 :: Import a Tessitura subscriber list.


Under the Subscriber tab, go through the steps of importing your list from Centaman. Make sure your Centaman list is only pulling in internal contacts and not real subscribers.


Check out the support post links below for your Centaman import options.

Centaman list import

Manual CSV import



Step 3 :: Send the test campaign and have the recipients open the email, click, etc.


Click on the Send tab and send the campaign!


You should also have one or two individuals test the Unsubscribe link to confirm unsubscribes go back to Centaman.


Note: Make sure you resubscribe the individual later in Centaman as well as resubscribing them in WordFly.



Step 4 :: You should see campaign results immediately in WordFly.


1. Go to Reporting > Sent Email Campaigns.


2. Select the name of the sent email campaign.


3. Review your email campaign results!

You will see high-level results Overview tab. Select different tabs on this page to see results for Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes, Hard Bounces, Soft Bounces, etc.



Step 5 :: You should see email responses in Centaman as well.

You should see email responses in Centaman. Learn more about where to find responses in this support post. 




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