How does click tracking work?

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Tracking on email links

How to remove tracking on email links

Tracking on SMS links


When you send email or SMS campaigns through WordFly, the links in your email are processed into tracking links. This enables every click from a subscriber to be recorded in your Reporting results for the sent campaign.


Tracking on email links

Every redirect link in your WordFly email goes through a tracking service processor while it is being sent to your subscribers. The final link in your sent email is now a tracking link that is unique for the subscriber that received it. This way when each subscriber clicks on links in your email we can actually attribute clicks to each subscriber appropriately. 


Let's look at the View as Webpage link as an example:


When the view as webpage link is added to your email template it looks like this,


When the email gets deployed the link is converted to a tracking link, unique to a subscriber and looks like this,


When you look at your email campaign Reporting you will see view as webpage clicks appropriately showing up for subscribers that clicked this link. Click on the magnifying glass under the Clicks tab to see who clicked the this link.



Let's look at another example:

Another good example is one of your social links. Let's look at what happens when the WordFly Facebook link is added to an email template and sent.


When the Facebook link is added to the template it looks like this,


When it is sent from WordFly and processed through the tracking service it becomes unique for each subscriber,


When you look at your reporting you will see clicks on the Facebook link appropriately showing up for subscribers that clicked the that link. Go to the Clicks tab of Reporting to see all unique clicks.


Note: The Unsubscribe link is a link but it is tracked as a separate metric in your email campaign reporting. Learn more



Invalid links cannot be tracked

Only valid links can be tracked by WordFly. Valid links contain 'http' or 'https' at the front of the link and do not contain breaking updates such as spaces.


Example of working link 


Example of an invalid link


Since an invalid link cannot be tracked there will never be click Reporting results for invalid links.



Tracking link processing issues


Sometimes there can be issues with links being processed. This can either be a WordFly issue (on rare occasions) or can be an issue with processing that particular subscriber information.


When link processing issues occur the end user will likely see a page like this:


If you suspect an issue with WordFly, be sure to go to our status pages to see if there is an issue: WordFly status or WordFly Twitter status.




Remove tracking on email links

There might be occasions where you do not want to run your links through WordFly tracking or see specific link click data in Reporting after your email is sent. You can turn off tracking on any links as needed under your Campaign > Testing tab > Full Review.


To turn off tracking on links in your email:


1. Go to Email > Email Campaigns.



2. Select the name of your In Progress email campaign.

3. Select the Testing tab in your email campaign.


4. Under the Template Review Summary section, select Full Review.


5. Un-check the box to the right of any links you want to turn tracking off for.


6. When done, select Save my selections.



Now when you send your email campaign these links will not be tracked. Any links that were still checked will continue to be tracked.




Tracking on SMS links

(Only for accounts with SMS services enabled)

Links inserted into SMS messages are also processed through the WordFly tracking service.