WordFly status - 25 August, 2015


The SSL certificates have now been successfully installed and you can now use WordFly as usual. You may need to log out or close your browser to clear the certificate error.

Yesterday evening, after installing our renewed SSL certificates for app.wordfly.com and media.wordfly.com, we experienced an issue where our servers failed to recognize the new certificates. This resulted in security warnings across the site when pages using SSL were loaded. We worked with Geotrust and F5 tier 1 support through the night and into this morning to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

We have thoroughly tested WordFly and have found all aspects of the application to be working as intended. However, if you experience any issues, please notify us immediately.

We cannot be more regretful for the issues this downtime caused you, your organization, and your email subscribers.


WordFly Support



Original Issue on 25 August, 2015

Hello WordFly Users,

We are currently experiencing an issue with our servers recognizing our renewed SSL certificate. We are working with Geotrust to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


What can you still do in WordFly:

Once you accept the security warning at the login page you can login to the site. You also can create and send email Campaigns, test emails, import lists of any kind. You can also edit templates by hand. Media files are accessible via the http protocol.


What you cannot do in WordFly during this issue:

The SSL issue currently makes it not possible to edit built in WordFly templates using the editors. Media files are not accessible via the https protocol.


If there are any edits we can help you make to your emails for an expedited deployment, please email support@wordfly.com or update your existing ticket with our team to provide the necessary details.


We will have an update out to everyone as soon as we have this resolved. Watch for an in-app broadcast message update, an update here, as well as an update on your open support ticket.


Thank you,
WordFly Support






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