August 2015: New Features and Enhancements

We have some great features to share with you for our August 2015 release! Check out our full release notes here.


Modern Editor is Out of Beta!


  • Use Modern Editor's new "Reverse Stack on Mobile" option when you'd like the righthand column to appear first when stacked on mobile. Create a brand new email from any one of our starter emails to use this feature or contact us to upgrade an existing email.


Email Settings

  • Select a default From Name and Reply-To Address for your campaigns! Now when you create a new Campaign your default From Name and Reply-To Address will automatically be selected. Go to Account > Email Settings to select your defaults.



  • Added a back button to Heat Maps view in Reporting. Now you can easily get back to your full Campaign results by clicking the name of your Campaign which also has a back arrow to help you get back.



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