How to build a Post-show thank you list

Sending a post-show follow up email to your patrons is a great way to connect after they have attended an event or performance. Use Triggered Campaigns in WordFly to send these post-show emails. Triggered Campaigns are set up one time and sent at regular intervals to any subscribers that meet your Tessitura list criteria.


We've put together a basic post-show email list criteria to help you out! Follow the steps in this post to get started. If you need additional help, please reach out to Tessitura Support for expert advice.

Topics covered in this article:

Building Post-Show list criteria in Tessitura

How do I set up a Tessitura Triggered Campaign in WordFly



Building Post-Show list criteria in Tessitura

Attached to this support article is a text document with a custom query that covers some basic criteria for this type of email.


Once set up this criteria can be valid for the entire season regardless of the production making only one Triggered Campaign necessary in WordFly that uses dynamic tags and data fields to personalize the content.


Find the custom query attached as a text document at the end of this support article.


The criteria will include...

  • Ticket Performance Date, or ATTENDED date (example, pull attended date from NScan data)
  • Valid email address and permissions
  • (Optoinal) Checks for certain constituencies (this helps with suppressions for some organizations)




How do I set up a Tessitura Triggered Campaign in WordFly

Once you are done setting up your List criteria and output sets in Tessitura you can start working on setting up the Triggered Campaign in WordFly.


Learn all about setting up and testing your Tessitura Triggered Campaign in WordFly by reviewing this support post!






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