How do I set up the Yahoo feedback loop?

A feedback loop (FBL) is a communication channel with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that allows spam complaints to be sent back to WordFly. Spam complaints (also known as 'abuse complaints') are sent when a subscriber clicks on the 'this is spam' button in their email. All abuse complaints sent back to WordFly are removed from your future imported lists to follow ISP posted best practices for handling these responses. 

Most ISP FBL's are IP based which means that WordFly has already signed up for those FBL's because we manage your sending IP.

Yahoo is the only ISP that has a domain based FBL. Yahoo requires a few things before signing up for their feedback loop program: DKIM published on the sending domain, a postmaster@ mailbox, and a Yahoo email account. Once these requirements are met your team can finish signing up for the Yahoo FBL following the instructions in this article.



Signing up for the Yahoo FBL

Before starting this process, make sure you have completed these items:

  • DKIM published for your sending domain
  • Postmaster@ mailbox set up and ready to receive incoming emails
  • Yahoo email account (either a personal account or company use account works). If you do not have a Yahoo email account, go to and select Create Account, follow Yahoo's instructions to create an account.


Are you using Gmail for your company emails? Gmail removes access to the postmaster@ mailbox which makes it difficult to set up the Yahoo FBL. Open a support ticket with Google, explain you need to set up the Yahoo FBL using the instructions in this support post and they can help you with the verification code sent to the postmaster@ mailbox.

*Let WordFly support know if you need assistance with any part of this process by replying back to your WordFly onboarding ticket or other open support ticket.


Follow these instructions to set up your Yahoo FBL:

1. Login to your Yahoo email account


2. Browse to

3. Click on 'Complaint Feedback Loop program'


4. Click on 'Fill out a new CFL application'.


5. A form will appear with the title 'Choose how you'd like us to contact you:'.


Fill out all the fields as follows:


Company Name WordFly
Contact Name [Enter Your Name]
Phone 206-728-7997
Contact Email
Reporting Email
Selector wordfly02
Request type Select 'Add'
Domain [Enter your sending domain]


After entering your Domain:

-An email with a unique verification code will be sent to your postmaster@ mailbox.

-Keep this form open while you go to find the email from Yahoo.

-The email from Yahoo will be coming from '' and IP You can try adding their from address to your contacts list or safe senders list; or, ask your IT team to whitelist the sending IP. If you are not receiving the Yahoo FBL email you might try (1) confirming that your postmaster mailbox is actually receiving any outside emails at all, if you can't find this message you probably have a problem to fix before finishing the FBL, or (2)
check to see if your mail server is rejecting the verification code email message because the from line used by Yahoo is too long (this is mostly an issue on the PowerMTA platform).

-Open the email from Yahoo and retrieve the verification code.

(To resend a verification email, you must fill out the form again)


Example of email,




Finish filling out the remaining fields on the Yahoo form:


Verification code Enter the unique verification code from your Yahoo email
Click button
Click 'Create Request' button to finish


Make sure you have a 'success' message on this form after selecting Create Request. The Yahoo success message will state that it takes up to 48 hours for Yahoo to review and confirm your request. This means the request was submitted successfully. If this was not successful, go through the set up steps again.


6. Let WordFly support know you have completed this form!






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