May 2015: Exciting New Features and Updates!

May 2015:  Exciting New Features and Updates!

We’ve added major enhancements and new tools to WordFly.  Here are just a few fantastic updates. 
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-All new Litmus preview testing for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Outlook 2016 and more.


-Duplicate & delete blocks by right-clicking.


-New email blocks and categories make building emails even easier.


-Easily change your column width – even after you’ve selected a size.


-Text alignment updates for improved Outlook rendering.


-Reimagined Styles menu makes choosing colors, fonts and more much faster.


-Browse media library and add images from the text editor.


-‘Mobile-Hide' gives you the flexibility to hide areas of your email when displaying on mobile.


-Add photo captions to any image without adding new text areas.


-“HTML clean” button removes bad HTML copied & pasted from Word.


-Updated Google Analytics gives you more tracking options and link tracking clarity.

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