March 2015: Check Out Our Latest Updates!

We’ve added several handy enhancements and new tools to the modern editor.  Something you’d like us to add?  Let us know!


-Social Buttons

We’ve added a ton of new social icons. Click ‘add image’ to preview and choose yours.


-Bold Buttons

Now you can make your button text bold


-Bigger Buttons

Type as much text as you want in a button.  Choose the ‘no wrap’ option to make your button stretch to fit your text. 


-Mini HTML editor

Edit the HTML just for a specific text block without opening the main HTML editor.


-Clear HTML

Remove HTML formatting in text blocks.  Great if you copy and paste from Word.
Watch out! You can’t undo once you clear your text and images.


-Safari Support

Modern Editor now works great in Safari.


Check out these new support posts!

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