How do I hide content on mobile? (Modern Editor)

Adjust which content displays on mobile versus desktop in your Modern Editor email design. For example, consider hiding a long navigation bar, menus, or right/left aligned images that aren't needed for the mobile view. Any block in your email can be hidden on mobile.


Hiding content on mobile


There are a couple ways you can hide content on mobile in your Modern Editor email.


Hide selective content in a text area

In text block areas you can select a section of text and apply a 'mobile-hide' class to hide the content on mobile. You can also click on an image in a text area and add a class of 'mobile-hide'.


1. Open your email in Modern Editor.

2. Select any text block from your email preview panel.

3. Highlight the text or double click on the image you would like to high on mobile and apply the 'mobile-hide' class.

You can select 'mobile-hide' from the class dropdown or type 'mobile-hide' into this field.


Hide entire blocks of content

You can also hide any content block in your Modern Editor email design. Just click on the content block and adjust the visibility options by checking the box for hide on mobile.



Use the slider bar to watch your email update to the mobile view to see how the content hides on mobile.


**Not seeing this option? Click here to find instructions for upgrading your email with this code.


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