Starter emails: Create, use, edit, delete

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A starter email is a custom email template that you save in WordFly. It has all the elements, branding, blocks, etc., that you need to build a new email without starting from scratch. You can turn any email into a starter email to use in future campaigns.




Starter emails can be selected from the Custom tab when you create a new email. You can edit saved starters under Design Library > Starter Emails.


You can make the custom starter feel more like a design template by using placeholder content for images and text blocks. For images blocks you can add dimensions on the image to guide image uploads. For text blocks you can use lorem ipsum text, and include any style guidelines such as heading 1, fine print, or links, and even include notes on word counts. Or, leave all your content blocks empty.


Create a custom starter email

Finish putting the final touches on your email design and select Save as starter


1. Open your email design


2. From the top header, select Save as starter


3. Enter a name for your new starter email. Click Save


Your new starter will be saved under Design Library > Starter Emails


Your team can find saved starter emails in the carousel when you go to Email > Emails and select Create New Email. Starters are available under the Custom tab.


Use a custom starter email

You can find saved starter emails in the carousel when you go to create an email design. Starters are available under the Custom tab.


What to expect when you select a custom starter email:

  • Select a custom starter when you go to Email > Emails and select Use the WordFly editor from Create an email
  • Select the Custom tab to see all your custom starters in the carousel
  • Use the filter options to filter by Labels or search by name
  • Toggle over to the WordFly tab if you would rather use a WordFly starter design.


1.  Go to Email > Emails


2.  Select Create an email

3.  Select Use the WordFly editor

4.  From the carousel, select your starter design under the Custom tab

Give the design a name and select Continue. From there, you can select Edit to begin customizing your design using the starter design.


Edit a custom starter email


1. Go to Design Library > Starter Emails


2. Select the name of your starter email and select View/Edit

This will open the tool where you can edit your custom starter design. Click Save when you are done editing.


The next time you select this starter email your edits will be reflected in the new design.