Starter emails: Create, use, edit, delete

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The WordFly starter emails are templates that you can use as a base for creating your own custom reusable templates for your account. You can turn any of your email designs into a custom starter email to use in future campaigns. They can have all the elements, branding, blocks, etc., that you need to build a new email without starting from scratch. Once created, starter emails can be selected from the Custom tab when you create a new email.


WordFly starter emails




Starter A

This design has padding on the left and right and serves as a good starting point for any email. Add new components or use it right “out of the box” to promote a show or event.

Sadler’s Wells →
New 42 →

Design option: Adding margin spacing to the top and bottom of the Body will give the email a framed look.



Starter B

In this design, the design directly touches the left and right edge of the background color. All blocks can touch each other in this design or you can add spacers between blocks to separate the email into individual sections. 

National Gallery →
Royal Academy →
Virginia Museum of History and Culture →

Heads up: If you change the default grey background color, you may need to change some other default styles.



Starter C

This design allows full-width stripes of color to stretch across the email, similar to a website design. (Formerly Starter E)

Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts →
ICA/Boston →

Heads up: This design might require adjustments to some margin and padding styles as you add new components.



Starter D

Newsletter-style design. This design is like a greatest hits of design kit components, including space to feature a quote and items from your shop. Keep your favorite sections and delete the ones you don’t need.

ASB Waterfront Theatre →
Royal New Zealand Ballet →



Starter E

Letter-style design. This flexible design can be used for membership, reengagement, donation letters, and more. If you don’t need the signature image, just delete it. 

Omaha Performing Arts →




Choose your own adventure!




Create a custom starter email

You can turn any of your email designs into a custom starter email to use in future campaigns. To get started, build and save your design, then follow these steps.


1. Go to Email > Emails

2. Click on the email name and select Save as Starter Email from the menu


3. Enter a name and click Save


Your new starter will be saved under Design Library > Starter Emails. You can edit your starter emails from this same location.


TIP: You can make custom starter emails feel more like a design template by using placeholder content for images and text blocks. For image blocks, you can add dimensions on the image to guide image uploads. For text blocks you can use lorem ipsum text, and include any style guidelines such as heading 1, fine print, or links, and even include notes on word counts. Or, leave all your content blocks empty.



Use a custom starter email

You can find saved starter emails in the carousel when you go to create an email design. Starters are available under the Custom tab.


1. On the Email step, select Use the WordFly editor

2. From the popup, click the Custom tab. Use the filter options to filter by Labels or search by name

3. Select your starter design

4. Give the design a name and select Continue

5. Select Edit to begin adding content to your design



Edit a custom starter email


1. Go to Design Library > Starter Emails


2. Select the name of your starter email and select View/Edit

This will open the tool where you can edit your custom starter design. Click Save when you are done editing.


The next time you select this starter email your edits will be reflected in the new design.