How do I make one word a different color in my text block? (Modern Editor)

Modern Editor: Update the color of one word in your text area.


Use bold and italics to add color to text content.


1. Click on your text block from the email preview panel.


2. From the edit content panel, select Styles (this will default to edit styles for 'This block').


3. Click open either 'Strong' or 'Emphasis'


4. Update the Color field under Strong or Emphasis with your desired highlight color.


5. Toggle over to the Content tab of the text block.

6. Highlight the word(s) and select either 'B' (<strong>) or 'I' (<emphasis>) to set your color.

Highlight the word(s) you would like to be a different color and click on either the B (for bold, also known as <strong>) or I (for italics, also known as <emphasis>) to add the color you have set for these styles.


Example of applying bold (<strong>) to one word.




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