Add a retargeting pixel

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Add the pixel to your footer

Add the pixel to the end of your HTML


Add retargeting tracking pixels to your Modern Editor design. Your tracking vendor will provide instructions to help with the placement of the pixels in order for the tracking to work. There are two options for implementing these pixels in Modern Editor designs.


Option 1: Add the pixel to your footer

This option is quick and will have to be tested by your vendor to confirm it is working as expected.


1. Click on a text block towards the end of your email (such as the footer block).


2. Select the HTML button from the block's edit content panel (left side).


3. Paste in the retargeting pixel code inside one of the last paragraph tags (...</p>). Then click I'm Done.


4. Save your updates.


5. Test your updates.




Option 2: Add the pixel to the end of your HTML

In order to make sure your tracking pixel is invisible to the recipient and works without issue, you will need to make sure it is added to the end of the HTML just before the closing body tag. This is a bullet proof option for implementing these pixels.


1. Finish adding all of your content to your Modern Editor design.


2. Click on HTML tab in the lower left corner from the edit content panel. 


3. Scroll down the HTML to the closing </body> tag.


4. Hit Enter to add a return before that body tag.


5. Add the retargeting tracking pixel like our example below.

The example below is our WordFly tracking pixel, adding your tracking pixel in the same way will ensure it is hidden from view.


img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" style="position:absolute; left: -10000px;">


6. Save your updates.


7. Test your updates.