Add Unsubscribe, Forward, and View links

Common links such as Unsubscribe, Forward to a Friend, and View Email as Webpage are provided by default in the Preheader and Footer blocks of all WordFly starter emails. These links are dynamic and unique to each subscriber who receives your email. The personalization happens when you send a test or live campaign. If you accidentally delete these links or need to add one in a new location, follow the instructions in this article. 



Adding dynamic Unsubscribe, Forward, and View links to your email


These are the default URLs for the Unsubscribe, Forward, and View in Browser feature. These links won’t work if you browse directly to them. They only work when sent in an email to a subscriber through test or live email deployments.


  • Unsubscribe
  • Forward
  • View in browser



1. In Modern Editor, click on the block where you would like your link to appear


This will bring up the Edit Content panel on the left side.


2. Type in your text, highlight it, and select the Link icon



3. Paste the link into the URL field. Click I’m Done.