Why aren't my background areas updating in my template? (Classic Editor)

Classic Editor

Background themes are flexible and can be applied to any template you have created! However, the background area names in the Layout do need to match the background area names in the background theme. If there is any disconnect in the naming when the background theme is applied the applicable areas in the template will not update with those colors.

This can easily be remedied in one of two ways:

  • In your Layout, update the names of the background areas to match the names in the background theme. This is the fastest way to get your theme applying to your template as you want it to!
  • Create a new background theme based on your existing Layout. Once it is ready, apply the new background theme to your Template. This may take a bit more time than simply renaming your background areas in the Layout but also works.


Naming your background areas and background themes

You can name your background areas any way that helps you remember how you will be using the background area. Many users name their background areas by the color those areas represent. Other users leave the background area name assignments as WordFly names them (for example, 'background 1', background 2' etc). We think the easiest route is to let WordFly name your areas but you have the ability to rename those if it helps your work process!


Example, naming your background area in your Layout

(To rename your Layout's background areas just select the blue background area name to open an edit box for changing it)



Once you have your background areas names in your Layout, make sure your background theme uses the same names in the background area.




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