How do I add dynamic images into my email template? (Classic Editor)

WordFly provides you with the ability to add variable images to your email template based on subscriber data or preference.  

For example, you might use a dynamic image if you have Performance Reminders for multiple shows that require a different hero image based on the show that the subscriber is attending.


Follow these steps to add dynamic images into your email

1. Determine your data and create a data field.
The first step is to review your subscriber list data and determine what data can be used to separate the subscribers. Using the Performance Reminder example, you might decide “Performance Name” is the best unique data to differentiate the dynamic images.
Then, go to Subscribers > Data Fields. Confirm that you have a corresponding data field available for the unique list data you are going to use. If you don’t have a data field in WordFly, follow these instructions to create a new data field.



2. Name your images based on the unique data field data.
Name your images the same name that corresponds to your data field. For example, if your performance name data field is “Candide” then the name of the image should be “Candide.png” or “Candide.jpg”.


3. Upload your images to a central location.
Upload your photos to any publicly accessible location on the web. Or, upload your images to the WordFly Media Library. Learn how to do this by reviewing this post.


4. In your Email Template, add a text box where the dynamic image should display.




5. In the text area of your Email Template, add the code below. Edit the highlighted parts of the code so the information reflects your data setup.

<div><img src="" border="0" alt="Please download images: McTommerson Newsletter" width="590" height="300" /></div>


  • In the text area of your Template, click on "HTML" to add this code.


  • After “img src” you will insert the link that goes to your uploaded images. The end of the URL is your data field. Make sure your image type is correct (.png, .jpg, etc).
  • Update the “alt” text to your preferences.
  • Update width and height based on your text box dimension.
  • It is only possible to use dynamic images in a text area of your template. Image areas cannot be used because WordFly validates the links that are uploaded there.


6. Save your Email Template.



7. Import your Subscriber List and map all of your list data fields with the appropriate WordFly data fields.
It’s important at this step to ensure you are mapping the unique data field for your dynamic image.



8. Use Subscriber Preview in your Campaign to confirm the dynamic image is displaying in the Email Template correctly.


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