How do I apply a content and background theme? (Classic Editor)

Classic Editor


If you're building your email template in WordFly you will be able to apply your branded background and content theme directly in the template. Use these themes to add your brand to your template.


Applying a Content and Background theme

1. Go to Email > Email Campaigns.



2. Hover over your in progress template and select View/Edit



3. When you're email template loads select Edit in WordFly



4. Under add your images and content you'll see themes on the right side.



By default WordFly will apply "WordFly Verdana" as your content theme and your background theme will be set to none.



5. Apply your themes to your email template.

Select Change from each theme section. A drop-down will appear. Click on the drop-down and select the appropriate theme for the email template.




6. When you've selected the correct one click on Apply.

This will refresh your email template with the applied theme.

Note: For content themes it's generally best to apply the theme when you're finished adding content to your template.


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