How does video in email work? (Classic Editor)

Classic Editor

Using video in an email is a smart way of engaging your subscriber.  The demand for video has gone through the roof lately and as a result email marketers have been asking for video in email for years. 

It all works thanks mostly to HTML5.  HTML5 is a new standard for the internet that allows web developers to easily add neat stuff like audio and video to website and now emails. 

Having said that, we must admit that we are bit a head of the curve on this one.  Not every email client you send a video to will be able to render it right in the email client.  In these cases, the subscriber will see a fall back image and a link directing them to watch the video on your website, Youtube or Vimeo.

A few pointers before we dive in:

  • Host the video files on your website.
  • Do not add video links to YouTube, Vimeo or other video hosting sites for your mp4 and other video versions. It's important to upload the correct video format that is requested in the template video embed tool.
  • Use a quick video converter tool like Handbrake, or Miro
  • Download the attached quick start .pdf for an in depth run down of using video in email.


Adding video to your email using Classic Editor


1.  Hover over a media area in your template





2.  Click "Insert a Video".

Type in the URL's for the various formats.  For more information on which email clients and web browsers support which types of video formats please see the attached .pdf.  You don't have to create all three versions of your video but you'll get the best support if you do. 

Also notice that for those email clients that do not support the video format you're using (or in some cases - we're looking at you Outlook - don't support any video formats) subscribers will see the fallback image and clicking will redirect them to YouTube or another site to watch the video.




3.  Click "Done" and then for good measure Save your template again. 



Download the attached pdf for more information about this feature!

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