How do I add best practices links? (Classic Editor)

Classic Editor

You can add a email marketing best practices links such as unsubscribe, forward to a friend and view email as webpage to any to any email you send from WordFly.  Add these links to an email you've built in WordFly, coded by hand outside of WordFly or even in a plain text. 

In this example we'll use Forward to a Friend, however you can add any type of link using these methods


Here are the ways to add your unsubscribe, forward to a friend and view email as web page links:


Option 1 - Add To Your Layout Canvas

1.  Add the "Best Practices Link Bar" to your layout

When building or editing your layout just drag the "Best Practices Link Bar" in to the layout canvas.  Click Save.



2.  Hover over the Best Practices Link Bar


3.  Click Add Links

Now use the drop down boxes to select the best practice links you want to include in your email.  You can also click "enter a link" and add in a link of your choosing.  This would be one way to add a link to a custom unsubscribe or forward to a friend page that you host on your website.


Option 2 - Dynamic Tags

You can also add the best practices links directly to your template without first adding them to your layout.  For instance, let's say you forgot to ad the best practices link bar to your layout and instead of modifying your layout you just want to update this one particular template.

Note:  The steps are the same for adding these links to plain text templates.

Here's how:

1.  When editing your template click "insert dynamic tag" to add to any content area.


2.  Use the drop down tool to select the link you want to use.

Unsubscribe, forward to a friend and view email as web page appear as the defaults.  You can also add other links here as well as custom dynamic tags you've created.  To have your custom tags appear in the drop down just create one by going to Libraries > Dynamic Tags.

3.  Click "Insert Tag" and then "Done."  

Now your Best Practice link will appear in the content box you were editing. 






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